I read a few other posts of other corgi owners whose dog has had a limp in there right back leg and i'm just curious what i should do. Lily has been limping and putting less weight on her right back leg since Wednesday. It does appear more noticeable after she has been resting and she shows no pain when i touch her leg. I noticed it after we were playing soccer out in the snowy backyard so i thought maybe she twisted her ankle or lost her footing. I just am wondering how long i should wait before i take her to the vet. She is only 9months so i'm hoping it isn't anything too serious. I also noticed maybe a week ago a spot on her back when i massage her causes her to flinch so i kinda wanted to go to the vet to get that checked out as well. I'm just really worried about her and it makes me sad seeing her limping. She still wants to play but i'm worried that may cause more injury. I'm thinking if she is still limping after this weekend i will take her to the vet on monday but i would hate to pay a ton of bills if it is not so serious.

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I know how you feel, I have constant issues with Finn and not enough money to run to the vet every time. With limping it could be any number of things and her age doesn't effect that much. Could be a sprain or pull, torn ACL, knee injury, hip dysplasia or even a back injury. I would keep her quiet over the next couple days to see if she shows improvement (no running, jumping etc). You can give Aspirin to reduce inflammation but use it sparingly as it can be hard on their tummies though Finn was fine taking them with meals. Generally, people will give 5-10mg per pound of body weight and you do not want one with enteric coating. I bought children's orange flavored chewable Aspirin and gave Finn one pill, twice a day as needed (after breakfast and after dinner) and made sure he drank water after taking it. If she acts normal after Aspirin, still don't let her do anything; stop giving it then wait to see how she acts since if she feels better on the Aspirin she may try to play when really the injury is still there. The hard part is that you really have no way of knowing what the cause is without going to the vet. The vet may be able to tell just by manipulating the leg but may want to take an x-ray. There are several people on here whose Corgis tore their ACL and mine has hip dysplasia. Hopefully she just misstepped and will be back to normal in no time.
It depends on the severity of the limp. Any animal that is three-legged lame for more than a short time deserves a trip to the vet. If Lily is putting weight on it regularly, but just favoring it, personally I would give it some time to heal. If it is worsening after a week or so, or not improving after about two, then I'd take her in. I'm fairly conservative with that sort of thing.

Jack once caught his paw running into his crate and yelped badly. After that he would be briefly three-legged lame after sudden stops or turns. I tried to keep him to leash walks (no vigorous play sessions) for a week and that really helped. It resolved on its own and now months later I haven't seen any return of lameness. I still don't know if he wrenched his shoulder or just hurt a nail bed, but even in this cold weather and running through snow, he's ok. The incident happened so fast and if I was not there when he hurt himself, I never would have known the cause.

It also partially depends on the dog and how she responds to being handled. If your dog is quiet at the vet and not too nervous, then they can do a thorough physical to try to determine if its just a muscle pull or something more serious. But if she tends to struggle on the table or gets so scared that she just sits and trembles, they may not be able to tell much with a physical exam.

Please let us know how she does!
I would rest her and anti inflammatory is a good idea. She probably slipped and pulled or over extended something. Running in the snow is hard...the ground gives and is slippery. If you felt a touchy spot along her back she may have some knotted muscles..this rest and anti inflammatory will help that. I massage my dogs along their back and down their legs..even their necks and shoulders. Keeps up good circulation and helps fatigued muscles. She would be more sore after resting since everything is tightening up. Just like with you. The one thing I think many pet owners forget about is even though your pup is full of it and wants to run their little hearts out you have to make sure they are conditioned for it. You have to do a warm up and cool downs...their bodies are very much like ours in that if we sit at a desk all week and then on the weekends go out and play soccer on flooring that takes more strength we are gonna feel it later on if not for a few days. Same with a dog and it can cause injuries. Hard play to come in to just laying around panting can build up lactic acid...and allowing cold water gulped til satisfaction can cause bloat. Most dogs when they go off to run on their own don't run for long without pausing for a few and then may go off again. With you out there interacting with her and running she won't quit. Many times I will stop interacting to do poop patrol and then after play with them again...just to give them a breather because they love it so much they will run themselves into the ground. But if you'd feel better to go to the vet then I would highly suggest it. Better to be safe then sorry.
Thumbs up on anti inflammatory :) for sure! My boy now has a chronic partially torn cruciate due to romping in the field a few years ago, it gets better but will require surgery one day and I give him the chewable Bayer Asprin it's perfect for his size (less than 100mg) and doesn't affect his stomach.
Just wish TPLO wasn't so expensive =\
Do you realize that by not getting it repaired, you are most likely letting arthritis get started in that knee? You really should get him to the vet for an evaluation for arthritis. Also on a small dog, a tradtional repair can be done for about half the cost of a TPLO. My Rosie had a stem cell treatment in her knee for a probably partial ACL tear when they did the stem cell treatment for her shoulder and the knee appears to be fine at this point. Her shoulder is greatly improved also. Be very aware of the very distinct arthritis possibility for your boy by leaving this tear untreated.
yes i realize that, and if i had the money it would be repaired. not everyone has the kind of money like that and vets don't give out free tplo's (which is what i'd have done). but thanks for the info.
Buddy ended up having surgery on his back leg. The vet said weight is a major factor for corgis. Any additional weight can put them at risk. We have brough Buddy's weight down and the sugery went really well. I am hopeful that we are done with leg injuries! The hardest part is keeping him under control - no jumping or running. We had to get the leash that wraps around his nose so he doesn't pull when we take him outside. Very short walks to build the stregnth back up.

Best of luck!
My poor baby Daisy just went outside and came back with a 3 leg limp. She does not complain when I manipulate her leg but cannot sit still. There is no bleeding and no obvious injuries but she acts like it hurts. We are going to give her half an adult aspirin because she is 35 lbs but it sounds like she needs a diet. poor girl. I will take her in to the vet tomorrow if it is not better.
Well we saw the vet today and she has a torn ACL.
Poor baby has to have surgery in the next two weeks! She also on a no treat nor table food diet cause she is almost 5 lbs overweight and our vet says that could contribute to torn ligaments!
She will be cage dependent he says but is that necessary? She is so spoiled and we adore her so much she is going to think we are punishing her!
Im so sorry to hear about Daisy. Quiet time will be crucial to healing. A little time in her crate with maybe something to chew on or play with, even a little time in there for relaxation would be good. Another option to help keep her calm ,is gate her in a smaller section of a room, so that she doesnt get too wound up once she starts feeling better and reinjure herself. Hopefully she will feel like cuddling and you can spend some time on the floor with her. Good Luck with her surgery and wishing for a quick recovery, as quick as possible.
Healing from ACL surgery is kind of a lengthy process and it's very important the dog not be allowed to do anything that could hurt her further or slow her healing. My father in laws Pem tore the ACL in both hind legs (a year apart) so he's been through this surgery twice. The first few weeks they have to be kept in a crate or x-pen and taken out on a leash to potty. You have to limit the walking and certainly no running, jumping, standing on hind legs etc. After that the vet will check her over, probably do some more x-rays and tell you when she will be allowed to walk around off leash. For his Pem, they set up two x-pens in different rooms so they could move their Corgi into whichever room they were going to be in and sometimes they would just leash him and let him sit by their feet in the living room so he felt closer and less confined. Daisy may not like it but it is necessary. Cutting back food and treats is even more important during the recovery period since she will not be doing anything to burn calories.
Olive has a similar issue with her front leg. Her limp got progressively worse during the last week so we had the vet check it out while she was there getting her rabies shot. He prescribed Rimadyl and told us to limit activities and bring her back in two weeks for X-rays if needed. Hopefully she won't need surgery before she's been spayed! Poor pups and their leg issues... hope your's gets heals fast!


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