Today was Bandit's 2 week post-op appt.
He has been doing well; not bearing any weight (but with as bad of a fracture as it was I wasn't shocked by that) - so I FULLY expected to get his staples out and be sent on our way....


Why would I think we would be THAT lucky???


One of his pins has slipped BELOW the fracture (thus serving NO purpose for the fracture; simply creating irritation for Bandit at the pin is right at his skin)

Dr said "luck" is on our side because even with just 1 pin in the fracture repair it is holding up well.

So.... he sent us home; Dr's orders say 1 week of VERY little activity (they are putting him back on sedatives and pain meds)- - he wants to give his body 1 more good week to heal the fracture. We go back Tuesday morning; xrays will determine what happens next - - 2 choices: #1- the fracture repair is still in alignment & they do a "simple" procedure to get the pin out. #2: The fracture is NOT aligned and they have to go back in & redo surgery to repair it again.

I am asking for prayers - - actually BEGGING for prayers at this point!


Attaching 2 xrays - one from day of surgery; pins in place :)

2nd one from today :(

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Aww, I'm so glad to hear that his fracture held in place!  :)  Here's to hoping the rest of his recovery goes smoothly!

Still sending Corgi thoughts and prayers to you and Bandit!  It do hope you are both recovering well from this and can enjoy the holidays.  Please continue to update us!


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