I am copying this from an email I just sent to a couple other people - I wanted to updated everyone on Bandit.

I can't even begin to tell you how much it means to me to have this group - I can always count on positive thoughts and good advice!

Thank you all so much for caring .....


Bandit had surgery today!
Our surgeon originally stated it was a simple fracture; would need 2 pins & his prognosis was excellent.
After 2 1/2 hours of surgery (it was supposed to be only 1 hour) we were told the repair had
He did not just have a femoral fracture; he actually had TWO fractures; one of which was a crack down the center of his bone & into his cartilage. In order to fix this they had to put a screw in. He also had some bone fragments missing, so they had to do a bone graft. He had damage to his
growth plate; Dr said it "popped off, like a bottle top"; and lastly has damage to his knee. So he ended up with 2 pins, a screw & a bone graft.
Bandit is home tonight but in a lot of pain :(
Our surgeon is wonderful and has called to check on Bandit already tonight; and let us increase his frequency of  his pain medication.
Dr also indicated that at this point Bandit is not expected to have as good of a prognosis as he gave him prior to surgery; he indicated that his prognosis at this point with an uneventful recovery is
guarded to good.
We do not regret making the decision to do the surgery but it does seem that now Bandit has a much harder recovery road ahead of him.
We are loving on him, making sure he is taken good care of!

here is a picture of our love bug tonight......photo.JPG

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He looks a bit down but strong. Thanks for updating us!! I was actually very worried about your little guy and kept checking this site more frequently to see whether you got some updates --- Thank God is good news!

Be strong with him, you will get through this! Many hugs and kisses from DouBao!

Oh.. poor little guy.  It's so hard to know they are in pain and not be able to do anything about it ;-<   Crossing my fingers for a speedy recovery for him.

Oh, the poor little guy.  But he is so lucky to have you to shepherd him through this disaster.  I feel so sad just hearing about it from far away, and such a nightmare for your family.  But maybe animals are simpler than we are, and they deal with what they're dealt ( I guess we do that, too).

Maybe the growth plate injury won't matter too much, since he's just about fully grown anyway?

I so hope he heals well.  It must be gratifying to the surgeons to be able to help in times like this.

Al & Gwynnie send good vibes.  They're good at that. 

Paige from CorgiPals just added Bandit to Helping Paws (she is awesome!)

I know times are tough and everyone is gearing up for the holidays but if you are able to contribute it would be appreciated :)



Sending lots of Corgi-kisses, love and healing thoughts to Bandit and your family.  Please keep us updated.

Poor baby!! That is alot to go through we wish you the best and will pray for bandit

Poor guy, and you guys.  Keep us posted on his recovery. 

Please tell us how he is doing now.  We are hoping and praying for the best.

Poor baby!  Prayers for a good recovery.


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