My dog Floyd feels the need to bark constantly in the car on th way to a destination.  He's not scared but excited because most of the time we're going hiking or to the dog park.  He hasn't always done this either so I'm assuming we made a misstep in training at some point.  He doesn't do it on the way home because he's worn out but the ride to the fun is absolutely infuriating (for me- he's having a great time).  Driving to a park with a dog barking in my ear the whole way is not my idea of fun.  I give him pets and treats when he's quiet but at some point during all of this I have to actually drive.  What is his deal and what can I do???

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Man, that would totally be no fun at all!! Here are a couple of articles that might help. Good luck!!
(this article wouldn't open in Firefox, but will open in Internet Explorer)
I will have to give some of these techniques another try but the squirt bottle makes me laugh.  Last trip to the park I emptied two squirt bottles of water onto his face which did not help at all.  I just had a really wet, barking dog!  He also responds to pennies in a can by barking.  Ughhh.

With one of my dogs I tried EVERYTHING for 14 years. Nothing helped. He was, ahem, too stupid. (not a corgi). He would even roll his crate in the back of the car. Eventually we gave up, put him in his crate, wedged it in tightly, and endured.

My corgi has always ridden in her crate, and has always been calm and quiet. Have you tried that?

To be honest, I don't crate him in the car.  I belt him in with his doggie seatbelt in the back seat.  My husband lets him ride in the front seat, but I'm not having that.  I've covered the back seat in blankets to combat dog hair so that's where he's going.  So you have a car-sized crate?  I drive a small car so whatever I tried would have to be compact.
Your crate should be just slightly larger than your dog, so a corgi size crate should fit in the back seat of almost any vehicle.
I drive a Prius, and Lilli's plastic crate fits in the back seat. Or two crates fit in the way-back. Or Lilli's crate on one-half of the back seat with the other part of the seat back folded down to accommodate a larger dog. Lilli's a compact dog for a compact car.

Thundershirt maybe?

I have a metal confectioners sugar shaker with several pennies inside of it.  Car misbehavior results in a stern NO and a rattle.  My three immediately stop.  I wish I had the money to invest in one of those really small European style vans so I could throw everybody in a crate.


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