Has anyone tried barn hunt? There is going to be a clinic nearby next month. I think Becca would love it. I am not sure my allergies can deal with the hay bales at an inside event.

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I haven't done it myself but it does look fun for the dogs!

Marcie I just did it yesterday with Foxy for the first time.  She was actually pretty into it.  I wasn't sure that she would be.  It's just started to become popular in Michigan but I still have to drive 1 hr. and 15 minutes to get to the barn so it's not something we'll be able to do all the time but we'll definitely pursue it when we can. 

I sent in my entry today. My agility instructor is going with one of her dogs as well. I think Becca will love it. I'll just make sure I have my inhaler and Benadryl handy.

I have never heard of it but looks like something Franklin would love. Last Wed. we conducted our own version of "barn hunt" in my house when my cat decided to bring in two live voles within about 3 hours. Franklin was super into the hunt and I watched my adorable harmless pup administer a very effective kill bite. He luckily seemed to have no interest in eating it though. I found an event on March 1st about an hour from me, I may have to sign him up! 

Becca caught and killed a grey squirrel over the summer. Since then her prey drive is high for small furry creatures. I think she will have fun. My agility instructor has signed up and a friend or two may as well. I'm hoping this facility will continue it after the clinic. All other places it is offered are several hours away. It is only an hour to this one. My clinic is at the end of March. Let me know how Franklin does if you do go.

turns out nearest clinic is in May. I found another one held by a different dog group so am contacting them to see if they will be having any clinics. I found something like 3 trials within driving distance next month! 

What is a barn hunt? If it's killing small animals, well, that's kinda our "thing" :) We never competed in agility since I can't run, but Lilli LOVED the training. Maybe she'd like this, whatever it is.

There is no killing involved. Rats are placed in secure tubes, then hid in a hay bale maze. The dogs need to find the rats. There is a tunneling aspect as well. If you do a google search, you can find more information and videos.

Really? That's a real thing? How long has this been going on? I'm trying to imagine the  think-group that came up with the idea (giggle.) I KNOW my Lilli would love that. She would excel. The dogs are very concerned with the bunnies that live under the deck, running around the top to follow the critters around that are underneath. Does it frustrate the dogs that they don't actually get the kill? Do the rats (domestic I assume) stress out? I would love to see this.


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