Well, as much as I LOVE corgis I don't think our second dog (if we ever get another one) will be a corgi due to such an immense amount of work put into the breed. I was wondering, if our family does consider bringing in another dog, what breed would best be compatible with a corgi? I was really looking for a breed that loves people, other animals, cuddling, relaxing, easy to train, does not bark that much, not a very protective dog (since I have Napolean for  that), and they do not shed (low allergy level). I've been looking into the bichon frise breed...does any one have experience with both breeds?? I'd love any other suggestions for another breed (I'd love if the dog was small or medium size too, unless people have had better experiences with a larger dog matched with a corgi) too. Thanks ahead of time!

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No argument there, but the list of requirements you posted, assuming you find a breed that matches them, may be quite different from  what the actual individual dog brings to the table. If you are ready and willing to deal with that, then a second dog  can be a great addition.  I've always had multiple dogs, but even within breeds there are huge variations.  I'm sure that, if I described my Corgi, he would not match what you have experienced of Napoleon.  Good luck with your search.

Yes, that's why it's so hard for me to choose. The breed says one thing and the personality of the dog, says another. Mhm. Thanks for the info :)

Here's some more "food for thought" on the situation.  Since you don't know what breed, how about a rescued mix?  As long as Napolean is vaccinated, rescues and shelters should let him tag along and see which dogs he gets along with.  Also, you will have many breeds, mixes, and ages.  I'm assuming you want a puppy?  Petfinder has an option to click to just look for puppies. 

Yes, I do want a corgi as my second dog.  But my fiance wants a lab or beagle.  And both breeds are relatively easy to find as puppies through petfinder, so I am "making" him get a rescue when the time is right, as that balances out my wanting to get a corgi puppy from a breeder.

Thanks! It's almost like I'm going in circles!...I began thinking :get a mix....then I thought what if the breed mixed in with the pup will affect how I live with him (he's bred for hunting and that's no good for my home), so then I started looking into specific breeds. I know I was never going to get another dog from a breeder or petstore so finding one in the shelter would be REALLY hard...I look into breeds and when I find a reasonable one I think about personality...any dog could go out of breed standards based on personality...then I go back to thinking about mix breeds xP It makes me so confused! I guess it just comes down to finding THE dog and knowing that is THE dog...but then again it doesn't hurt to look into different breeds (and off I go into the circle of chaotic thinking again). *sigh* Thanks for the suggestions though! Any other info is greatly appreciated. Finding a dog is hard haha.

Love the idea:)

Look for a Corgi Beagle mix!  I have seen them and they are adorable and  have the both of best worlds.  Just imagine the Wookie-Corgi talk mixed with the Beagle speak.


it may just be him, but my boy loves playing with boxers and Bernese mountain dogs.

I guess every dog is different haha.

Based on my experience with teacup and miniature poodles growing up, I would think they might be a breed to look into. Poodles don't really shed, if you keep their coat short, it's easy to manage. They are also very smart, easy to house break and LOVE to cuddle up with you. Sometimes it is a little excessive but that's where training comes in. But like you have stated, it isn't only about choosing a breed, you have to assess their temperament as well and see whether it fits with your family.

Also, what about looking into a mixed breed? We used to have a cocker spaniel/ Lhasa Apso mix and he was one of the most obedient dog I have ever had.

That's good to know. Yea, I'm guessing a lot of training would have to go in (but I like a challenge :P). Yes, I actually am looking into mix breeds too :)

I'm in agreement with the many that have posted that bad behavior, in any breed, has much to do with the training they receive, and having experienced much success in working with both my corgi mix and my border collie pup, I like the philosophy behind Cesar Millan's methods. 

With that in mind, I would also suggest that you look for a puppy that is "medium or low energy level" - something that can be found in any breed.  You will want to observe, as much as possible, the litter of puppies together and look for the one that doesn't get overly excited but seems relaxed (many perceive this as being lazy or a non desirable trait).  This will indicate a dog that will easily allow you, or Napoleon, to be the "pack leader" and follow your lead(s).  The most boisterous one of a litter will usually be one who wants to be the "alpha" or the leader and will present you with many challenges on the road to being the "real" boss.  My border collie is medium energy and he looks to me for his guidance - and, is easily entertained with his toys and exploring without needing me to be with him constantly - like the corgi mix does (she requires me to walk into the yard with her before she'll go to the bathroom, the pup just heads out and knows what he's supposed to do). 

Another thing is that you may even consider letting Napoleon help to pick his pal... if your dog is well adjusted, he may well be the one to pick the best of the litter to come home and live with all of you. :)

Yes, Napolean was the medium point of the litter we chose from (almost got the most energetic, yikes!). I actually believe in positive reinforcement and I do not follow many of Cesar's methods, but I do believe in his ideas of energy level. Thanks! That's a great idea :D He just needs a bit more socialization...Of course I will have him 100 if not 105% ready for this pup so I will have no problem with him adapting :)


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