What is the best brand to feed a Corgi puppy and an adult Corgi? I am trying to figure out how much I should have saved up by the time the corgi arrives and food comes into the matter too. Also, what are some supplies I should get before I bring the puppy home? I am the type of person to plan EVERYTHING, so I am trying to figure out the whole cost of it. Thanks for your help!(: Any advice is appreciated!

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Check out the FAQ, "what does it cost to own a puppy". Check out the discussion "what do you feed your corgi". Where I live the good food costs about $45 for a 30 pound bag and high end food is $50 for a 25 pound bag. An adult corgi only gets one cup a day, I'm not sure how many cups are in a bag. There are lots of discussions that you might want to read. Use the box in the top right corner to type in keywords like "puppy toys supplies", "cost of puppy", etc. You want to be sure and have enough set aside for emergency vet bills. My 5 year old just had a $2,000 knee surgery. Happy research!

Thanks so much or the reply and that's why I'm trying to start saving now for everything because I know it can be expensive. I will check out the discussions. THANKS(:

I wouldn't buy anything more than a small bag for a puppy. Not all foods agree with every dog and you don't want to be stuck with a bunch of food you can't use.


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