I bought a 16 week old puppy a few days ago, which I thought was a black headed tri. After reading up on the corgi colors I found out that some black heads turn red.

She does have the black under her eyes (looks like a mask), and one website referred to the black triangle on the inside of the tip of the ears. But I only became a little more confused.

I have pictures of the puppy and her parents on my "Amy's Corgi" album.

Sooo, Being a high school biology teacher I decided to research the genetics.

My puppy's mom is a red headed tri and her dad is a black headed tri. I am assuming that the mom's genes are for red head tri (which is the dominant gene), and another for a black head tri (recessive). This pattern of genes would give her a red head. The father must have black headed tri and black headed tri genes since the trait is recessive, those are his only options. At best, my puppy should have a 50/50 chance of being a black tri. So the cross of these two animals would give a red/black or a black/black to any puppies. I am thinking my puppy is a Black/Black since she still has such a black mask, but I'm not sure.

I hope that someone can tell me if there Is a way to tell if the puppy will be a black tri or a red tri? And when do puppies usually start to fade to red? She is 16-17 weeks old and still has a very black face, but some of the hair on the back of her neck has some red hair mixed in. I have posted the pictures of the puppy and of the parents. Any advice from someone who is more experienced with color than I would be helpful. My only experience is with Schipperkes lately; I can tell you that they should only come in black :-)

If it will help, check the "Amy's Corgi" album on my page to see pics of the puppy and her parents.

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he looks a lot like Loki did, and loki is a red headed tri.
Hmm, I looked at Loki's puppy photo's, and they do look very similar. How old was he when you noticed that his black was changing?
I am thinking this could go either way. He is very black headed so far. A mystery.
Looking at the photos, I'd say that the puppy will look like the sire.
I agree, she is going to look a lot like her daddy.
I don't know what color he'll turn out to be, but he sure is a cutie!!!!
Oops, sorry Amy I meant she is a cutie!!!
She is so cute! She looks to me like she will stay a black headed tri. Charlie was clearly a red headed tri when we got him at 11 weeks old.
I'm guessing you will have a black headed tri. The tips on your Corgis ears have the black triangle and the ear is line with black, which seems to be a good sign they will retain most of the black coloring on their face. If the interior of the ear were completely red, without the black triangles on the tips you would most likely have a red-headed tri. I don't think you will see much color fading to red on your little girl. Her red cheeks will actually turn a darker red. She is an absolute doll and looks like she will be a strikingly marked adult!


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