We just found out that our little girl has "a pile" of stones as the vet put it, which means surgery.  Has anyone been through this with their Corgi?  I'm very worried about everything: the surgery, the stones coming back and what kind of food she needs to be on afterward.  Reading online I am seeing that the vets push Science Diet for a reason and it may not be the best food.  Then I find a slew of people using Orijen and saying how great it is and the next posts from a vet saying not to use it.  If anyone has any feedback on this topic, especially the food, I would appreciate it.

Arwyn was a rescue and came to us last April.  In June she was treated for a bladder infection that took us way too long to figure out that she had.  Maybe the stones are from that.  Or...it's possible she has had chronic problems with this--we don't know her previous health history.




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The regular science diet food is not something I would recommend, but if your vet is suggesting she be fed one of the SD prescription foods I would follow his/her advice. Usually the urinary health type foods are very low protein to avoid causing stones in the future. I believe Royal Canin also makes a urinary health food as well.

I used to feed Orijen and my girls loved it.  The high protien became a concern so I switched to Acana.  Both brands are made by Champion Foods and have much of the same ingredients.  However, the protien in Acana is about 20% less than the Orijen.

My Mindy is not able to eat food or treats with dyes. Royal Canin is her regular food & I had been given some Kibbles & BIts so was using it at a treat -- not a good experience for her and now I watch what I feed her.


My little Lily just had an ultrasound today showing bladder stones :(


How is Arwyn doing now and did she have the surgery?  I would love anything you can think of that I could do to make Lily's experience as good as it can be :(

Yes, she had the surgery a week ago today.  They found a lot of bladder stones! She is doing well.  She is on Royal Canin food which is prescription from the vet, quite expensive.  The only thing I am not sure about is what kind of treats I can give her.  So far, I have only been giving her food kibble as treats.  I don't want to give anything that's goig to cause more bladder stones!  I'm sorry Lily has stones too.  :(

I asked my vet about treats, and they said anything is fine in moderation.  They said the problem comes from the majority of the dog's diet, thus the prescription food.  I buy Ginger treats from 3 Dog Bakery (www.threedog.com).  They use all natural, food-grade ingredients to make their treats by hand. 

Rocky is also on Royal Canin SO for crystals. I called the Royal Canin number about other food, and they said NO other food or treats. He can't even have veggies or fruits. They said anything else would upset the way the food is supposed to work. He can't even have doggy glucosamine because it has flavoring in it. We had to get him unflavored people stuff. We are just using the Royal Canin SO as treats for him. He loves it so is happy with it as treats. I need to see if he can have deer antlers to chew but I'm betting not. I will call them after Christmas. I was feeding him the same amount he had been getting on his other food and he lost a bit of weight on the Royal Canin SO. I've upped the amount and he's holding his weight. I give him no where near the amount on the bag however. He drinks like crazy and pees gallons but that is what he is supposed to do.

Seriously? You can't give anything else?  I mean, I haven't been either, but sheesh, I feel bad, especially when our other Corgi is getting his t-bones and milkbones.  I am actually wrapping her Clavamox antibiotics in small pieces of turkey but I don't know how else I would be able to get her to take her meds.

How much are you feeding Rocky.  I am only doing a half cup twice a day which is way less than on the bag. It's really good to talk to you!

Nope, we don't give him anything else. He was taking a pill which I put in a tiny piece of cheese. They said that was ok. I have been giving Rosie Rocky's food as treats also. If he's outside, I will give her one of her treats but it takes so little time for them to eat the Royal Canin as treats, that I won't give her anything else when he's inside. He is getting about 3/4 cup, maybe a bit more, twice a day but he's a big boned guy and can carry 32-34 lbs pretty easily without having any extra weight on him. I know they compare treats but the time it takes to eat a biscuit is much longer than gulping a piece of kibble so we go with the SO when they are getting treats together. Saves scrapping dogs!!

We just went through this with Ginger at Thanksgiving.  She got a UTI and we found out through urinalysis that she had crystals in her urine. This was caused because she can't disget the minerals in normal dog food.  Well, those crystals formed 3 stones that had to be surgically removed, and then she passed 7 more after the surgery that they didn't see on the x-rays or during the proceedure.  About a week after surgery she was good as new.  She is on Royal Cainin Unrinary SO food.  The food keeps the urine pH levels correct, and keeps the crystals from forming. It took a bit to get her tummy adjusted to it, and it's kind of pricy, but well worth it if we can avoid another $1200 surgery.  I was completely stressed out and freaked out at the start, but she's totally fine.  The vet has sent the stones off for analysis so we can see what they were made of.  We may then be able to adjust what kind of food she can eat.  Hang in there!  I know it's stressful, but your pup will be just fine :)

Thanks for the feedback, that really helps!  I am starting to wonder if this is a problem common to corgis or if it's a common thing to dogs in general.  Royal Canin Urinary SO is the same thing Arwyn is eating.  She didn't seem to have an adjustment to the new food at all, thankfully.

what are you doing for treats?


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