Penelope was limping quite a bit when we I got up to take her out this morning. I thought maybe her foot was really asleep at first, as she often woke up and limped a few times and was back to normal as a puppy. Well, she didn't stop. I checked under her paw (left paw) and found that the fur was matted down, clumped together and very stiff on her 2nd "toe pad" from the inside. I woke up my husband so we could get a closer look since she did not want to let us really touch it. We couldn't see anything, and I got a warm towel to break up the little bit of fur stuck together (we do keep the fur between the toes trimmed). We still didn't see anything. My husband got out of bed and watched her for a while as I got ready for work. She began walking much more normally, however as I am home from work now, I can tell she is not putting full weight on it still. I looked again at it and trimmed away some of the still clumped fur. It looks a little swollen, just barely where the clumped fur was. It seems kind of like a callous, or a blister of some sort and was the clumped fur from a clear liquid seeping out? (although, I see no type of wound)? She still did not want me to mess with it much, but tolerated more this time. BTW, she seemed fine before we went to bed and walked completely normal on it until this morning. We will inspect it more when Brad gets home from work and figure out what to do afterwards, but any ideas until then? I just read about foxtails, but we don't really have that here. Any thoughts are appreciated! Thanks.

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Toby has cyst between his paw pads on left rear foot. He started licking the area frequently. The vet put him on antibiotics and a topical liquid (antiseptic). It cleared up and had returned again. The vet wants to remove it since it recurs. This could be a possibility?
That could be possible, we have noticed licking and chewing on her feet lately. I'll have to notice if it is her left foot only. I hadn't thought about that because she sometimes does that when it is time to trim or drimmel her nails. Thanks for the suggestion.
Penny's paw, well her toe pad is definitely inflamed. We were able to trim off all the hair to really get a good look at it. It looks like she might have a bite or something on it. It isn't hard like a cyst normally is, so we are keeping an eye on it tonight. She is still walking pretty well, she isn't putting 100% weight on it, but I'd say at least 80% weight, if not a little more. If it swells anymore, off to the vet in tomorrow.


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