My Corgi is 9 weeks old today and I had him in my lap and noticed that he has what looks like bruises on his paws. He doesn't seem to be in any pain. We go on walks - about 10 minutes a day on the sidewalk - most of our time is in the house or yard. He is crated during the day, but several of the bruises are on his back paws - and I've never seen him scratch at his crate.

They are mostly round and on one back foot they are evenly spaced across from each other.

Any ideas? Is this just a "toughening" of the pads? Or should I be concerned?

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May be you take a pic for us to see?
I got a picture of one paw - it only has the one spot, but his back paw has two that look almost exactly like this one. And his other back paw has a spot too. The other front paw, as you can see in the image, has none. You can also see some bruising on the top of one toe...

Image attached.
I think that may be the color of his paw...??
are you talking about the black spot on his paw? If it is the black spot your talking about then I think its suppose to be there. Our corgis has mostly pink paw pads but a few have black spots and isnt anything to worry about.
Yeah, that black glad to hear that - they're very random almost like moles in a weird way....would be nice if I was worrying for nothing.
The look on his face as you grab his paw is hilarious.
I just love the "why do you have my paw" face!!! My Ella has mostly pink paws, but there are random black spots. I would think that if it doesn't feel weird or cause any pain then he should be just fine.
Al & Gwynn LOVE to play soccer -- hard -- on a paved asphalt playground. Never any pad problems, except once on a wet day, Al got a HUGE flapper -- a nickel-sized flap of callous came loose on the central pad -- just like a major blister on your palm. The loose skin was dime-or-nickel sized and 1/16" thick. He was suddenly and obviously limping. Don't know if it was pre-existing blister or something to do with the wet slick pavement.
I washed it with a little water, maybe Betadine.
He was fine within a couple days.
it could be the toughening of his pad, since he looks like he still has the soft pink puppy pads. Micah's paws toughened pretty fastand her's started out looking like that. As long as he is not limping and is in no obvious pain, he should be fine. When you touch it, does he whimper or try and stop you more then normal? if not, he is fine :)
No, no drama (more than usual) when I touch them - they don't seem to hurt him.

Thanks for the info, I'll keep an eye on them.
Yea like the cow spots on their nose and belly :)
LOL I forgot all about posting this! Yes, they are just his spots, my little dalmatian corgi!!! Oh what a worrier I was, and still am!


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