So, I woke up this morning to 3 piles of diarrhea in my kitchen, one of which had a substantial amount of bright red liquid. I had already made a vet appointment for 10:15 this morning because Linus's ears have been seemingly bothering him and he has a paw that is tender and he won't let me touch. I am having a heart attack. Advice? Thoughts? Talk me down off the ledge til we get to the vet in an hour....

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The gassiness may be due to not having as much in his gut after a bout of diarrhea; it takes a couple of days for things to get back to normal. Sophie picked up hookworms; vet said it might be from her not-so-secret vice of eating rabbit droppings. We try our best to prevent it but unless we keep her on a short leash all the time and never let her patrol the yard she manages to find them. Corgi persistence, you know! Our first corgi used to get bloody diarrhea, which was diagnosed as basically doggy irritable bowel syndrome. We changed her to a special kibble and she did fine. Good luck!


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