I fully understand and accept Corgi shedding a lot and have invested in Furminator right from the begining.

But as a first-time corgi owner, I am wondering how much amount is the normal shedding. My six-month pembroke started to shed like CRAZY from the beggining of May (she was spayed on May 17). I could use Furminator EVERYDAY and still get that amount of hair as the picture shows. I believe if I keep brushing her an hour, I could still get hair out......

I know they shed/blow a lot in spring/fall. Does May still count as spring? Does a 6 months old corgi shed that much? Is it a stress signal (even though I don't think so...) or any health concern?

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Hi Nora, shedding is a perfect healthy way of life. Corgis don't completely fill out until the age of 2.

Only use the fulminator once a week, remember gentle stroke and lift up at the end of each one. Never ever pressed down on the coat. Every corgi blow their coat at a different time, my two are never on the same week.

Dogs have three types of hair. Primary hairs are also called guard hairs, and these are the outer coat hairs that are typically longer and stiffer. Secondary hairs refer to the short fluffy hairs that make up the undercoat, and serve as insulation. Puppies have all secondary hairs until about 6 months of age, which explains their soft coats. The third hair type is the tactile hairs which are commonly recognized as the whiskers found on the face. 

Yes, May still count as Spring, at least in Canada :)

Yes, a 6 month old can shed even more, brace yourself for the years to come :p

Yes, dogs shed when they're under stress, a stranger in the house, a change in furniture, environment,  a new family member...etc.

I am sorry to report to you that I will get about 6 times that amount of hair off of Maddie when she is blowing coat!  All of them are different and Jack usually loses only a handful or two of hair a day, but Maddie's seems to let go all at once and it's like you describe:  I stop brushing not because the hair is no longer coming, but because I get tired of brushing.  I would only furminate every third day or so.  I mix it up from day to day between a fine comb, furminator, and slicker brush.  Then I let it rest one day and start the three-day cycle again.   

Wow, that's all you got?!  lol!  Frosty started shedding this week and one brushing session of about 15 minutes resulted in a pile roughly 10 times that size!  Most corgis "blow coat" twice a year, although we have never noticed a specific season change triggering Frosty's shed. An adult corgi sheds WAY more than that, so be happy she is only 6 months old for now lol.  Not a stress signal or health concern, just normal corgi shedding.  Learn to love it!!

haha, yeah, right?

I get more than that off our cat, sometimes. He's due for a trip to the groomer any day now.  We're mentally prepping for corgis, and knowing that I could probably make 3 or 4 more dogs out of fur alone.

I've also heard that corgis shed twice a year:

January-May and June - December :p

Your vacuum is your best friend when you own a Corgi. It is continuous and can be heavier during prime shedding seasons. We just deal with it and don't fret. If you can't live with dog hair, you will be a very unhappy Corgi owner!! The hair is worth the joy of living with Corgis!!!!

Again, I'm totally fine and accept as I mentioned in my original post. Since I am a first time owner, I am curious how much shedding is in the normal range for a healthy corgi (even thought it might be a lot lot...)

--- I don't want to overlook her health concern which may cause the shedding even more. That's why I asked here.

Thanks everybody for all the information and suggestion! It is a RELIEF that I have nothing to worry about the shredding at this point, as you guys all said it was even much less than the normal amount. Yes, I will start to use the Furminator ONLY once a week and be gently at the end. Maybe invest in a vacuum shortly --- So I could vaccum on her and blow the coat together, LOL...

you've seen this video, right?


it's adorable.

we currently own that same shark vacuum, when we finally get a corgi, not sure if we'll try that or not, could be useful!

I've seen it. It was lovely. That's why I have the idea of vacuuming on my dog. LOL... It looks quite efficient, but I don't know whether my pup will let me do that or not. 

Which type (Product #?)of the shark vaccum is it BTW? I might need to get one. I could still use it even if I couldn't use on the pup...


it's this one:


we got it for like $40 at bed bath & beyond.  works great for the cat fur, and we use it on the stairs. it's pretty awesome.

Thanks a lot! I will look around!!!

That looks like my back porch after I brush Ginger out!  We've been having that for a good 4 weeks.  Welcome to spring with a Corgi!


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