So today, I saw this post by the doggie day care place Ramji used to go to,

it's about complaints regarding Blue Buffalo- it seems like the company has been bought out and now the quality isnt as good?!

i dont know, i am not sure, but a lot of the complaints are from people that have fed blue buffalo before. maybe people are being overly sensitive about this?? but if it does end up being true that Blue Buffalo has changed hands and quality isnt as good, and these problems are indeed is SO disappointing and irresponsible of Blue Buffalo...people have been trying to get Blue Buffalo to answer some of these questions and nobody has had luck.

I truly hope that it is not true- but I am not willing to risk it- will be looking for other brands! :( 

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I feed Blue Buffalo mixed with Honest Kitchen. I haven't had any of the problems listed on the above site except for poop eating. It makes me think twice though. Of course I just bought a new 15 pound bag.

you should look into Honest kitchen, I remember seeing something on that on

Ramji is still on BB and now that i think about it, he has had phases of diarreah and at times even bloody poop. we always thought it was something he had picked up on his's sad :( i trusted BB....

I just went on dogfood advisor. There were a few comments about BB, but just as many current positive ones. The only time I have had problems with Becca was when she was on Taste of the Wild. After reading more I think I am going to stay with what I use unless Becca starts having problems.

Hi Jenny,

Don't take "user generated content website" too seriously, most satisfied customers don't take their time to write anything positive. People tend to be driven by emotions, its easier to resonate a complain. I suggest you read the FAQ on foods.

In my opinion, "brand" should never be your simple decision making factor. Brands change, people change, management change, formula change...etc. Your only choice is to keep up to date with recalls, ingredients, keep all your current dog food bags and trust your own instinct. If it smells different and your dog changes in appertite, go and return the bag. Whats good for other dogs doesn't mean its good for yours too, every dog is different.

Thanks Sam, good advice!


I have been feeding Foxy Blue Buffalo since she came home and we've had no problems.

I've been feeding the dogs and the cats BB for the past year and haven't seen any problems.  I've been happy with what I see as improvements in both.  As you all know corgis tend to bulk up and it's a on-going battle to keep them at fighting weight.  I use the weight control for the dogs and Max hasn't put on any extra over the winter like he normally does when he is getting less exercise.  I live in the northeast and hate the cold!  Same for my 1 cat...she tends to be heavy and loves to eat.  The BB has helped her lose a bit and maintain a healthy weight.

Kaylee has been on BB since summer, since Wellness upset her stomach. So far we'be had no problems with their adult chicken formula, but we buy the 30lb bags every few months. Last time was in October. It's possible that the current formula has changed.

Linus had problems with the Wellness dry food as well, even though he chows down on the wet.  We feed the BB Freedom Grain Free and are in the process of transitioning from puppy to adult and have had no problems.

I think if you do a search of any dog food brand and/or feeding regime (raw, kibble, wet, etc) you will find complaints. There are pros and cons with every diet. Franklin ate blue for about 6 months and gained around 10 pounds. At the time he was skinny so needed to gain the weight but then eventually just refused to eat the food. I don't know if the formula changed or what but he quit eating for about 3 days. I switched him to Taste of the Wild (which is about $20 cheaper a bag) and he has done fine ever since, that was about 2 years ago. I keep him thin by only feeding about 1/4 cup kibble a day and about 1/2 cup Honest Kitchen. I quit feeding Honest Kitchen for a few months and he gained 3 1/2 pounds. Once I started feeding it again he has lost the extra weight and is back at his ideal of 29 1/2 pounds. I am really happy with THK because they went above and beyond in their manufacturing process to become labeled as Human Grade. They are the only dog food company that I am aware of that is able to put that on the label. But I'm sure others out there have had bad experiences with both THK and TOTW so it really just depends on the dog. 

Which type of Honest Kitchen do you feed to Franklin?

I used to switch around. Recently I started feeding Keen, mostly because it is the cheapest. It's about $60 for 40 pounds rehydrated (comes in a 10 pound box), or $30 for 16 pounds (4 pound box). This will last Frank forever since I only feed him about 1/2 cup a day of THK. He loves it. I usually rehydrate a couple day's worth at a time to make meal time much quicker. I think if I fed this exclusively a 10 pound box would still last a few months.


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