We found a loving Blue Welsh Corgy. Male not fixed.He is the sweetest most mellow dog .He loves to cuddle , he loves just to be by me .H e's actually better than my cogry lol. He is inside for part of the day and at night. He seems to be house broke , no accidents,no problems what so ever with him . I have been going through cancer and because of my health and all the treatments I have to do I can't take on another dog at this time . I love corgys and they are the best dogs for families and kids . He is great around my kids and gets aklong great with my other corgys and the neighbors cats. I just can't bear to just take him to the local humane society , Please help me find a loving home for him !!! He seems to be about 3 years old I am guessing????We live in Arizona , Maricopa city .Please call or text with serious inquiries only 602-810-6865, Or if you have any thoughts on where else I could post and get a good family for him ......Thank, Thanks , Its breaking my heart that I cant keep him and that he needs a good home ..



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Haha, I am so tempted to say that I'll take him.  XD  I love merles!  Keep us updated on whether or not you're able to find a family for him.  If you end up having a lot of trouble finding a home for him, then I might be able to take him.

Out of curiosity, when did you find him?  Did you check with your local veterinarians / humane society to see if his previous owner is searching for him? Have you had him scanned to see if he has a microchip?

Yah they scanned him for a chip , and we ve searched for the owners on every site we can think of for almost a month now  no replies. He literally is the sweetest dog I have ever had I truly wish I could keep him, He's laying with the kids right now snuggling with them ..



The corgi rescue might be able to take him , but I d prefer he d go with straight with a family if you were intrested, I feel so bad he s been shuffled around , I d love for him to be secure somewhere , but with my health I don't know how much longer I can take care of him .I ve just been so weak and tired lately .Let me know what you think .Thanks

I wish I lived closer...I'm in Iowa.  Have you checked with the local rescues?  Sam can give you the nearest one...

Here is the website for the Arizona Cactus Corgi Rescue:


yah I ve checked them all , Thanks

ok I just texted your phone from my phone. If no one else steps up I will come get him. I live in Colorado, but I am willing to make the trip to rescue him. I have a 2yr neutered pem & bet they would get along great :)

so very very sorry to hear of your health struggles. Fight strong, fight hard.


thank you so much


very wonderful Peggy, i wish i were able, id take him in a minute...

I wish that I lived closer, I'm in PA and am looking for a male.  I hope that he goes to a loving home.


AW he looks lost doesnt he, poor fella.. i sure hope he get re-homed soon.. For your sake and his.

OMG - I wish he were closer!  (We're in NYC, looking for a Corgi that snuggles and is good with cats...!)  :(


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