Breeder review - Ffallian, northern California (Ukiah) - positive!

Hi, all. I started trying to find a retired show/rescue adult cardigan in late 2007/early 2008. This is when I found out how hard it was to find an adult cardi! Plus I needed a dog that was good with cats as we had 5. After talking to several different breeders, who were all VERY helpful (Serah Kennels, in Placerville, and Barbara at Tannahill in Chula Vista), I realized that finding an adult might take an awfully long time. I ended up talking to Jeanine, at Ffallian, in Ukiah, about puppies (which I had sworn NOT to get!).

After several extensive conversations, we drove up to Ukiah and met the puppies, mom, grandma, an aunt, and several other corgis, plus at least one other non-corgi rescue. She suggested the best puppy for us, and we agreed. We arranged for her to finish housetraining him (he was 4 months old) and then we would come back and get him; we put down half. He was already being crate-trained, had shots appropriate to age, and flea control/heartworm as appropriate.

It turned out that she was coming down to the bay area in a couple of weeks anyway, so she agreed to bring him to us (therefore, allowing her to see our house, I'm sure!); she brought him, as promised, and he became a happy member of our household! He was sold as a pet corgi, and we of course neutered him, and got full AKC paperwork from her.

I've kept in touch with her since, as well, and she's always wanting to know how her corgis are doing. One of his littermates WAS show quality and I think is now a champion, if not more than that.

So, I recommend them, even though it's a bit of a drive from the bay area! Nice people, nice dogs. No reported health issues, and Frodo (Ffallian's Ring-Bearer) is a very happy CWC! He's a bit shy, but she said in retrospect that all the boys in that litter ended up a bit shy, she doesn't know why. (Fine, since he's not being bred...) Mom and grandma certainly weren't at all shy!

Website is and I don't think she edits it very often since I don't see Vincent (our corgi's brother) up there and I'm positive it hasn't changed in quite a while ;) Email address and phone work though....

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Yaaay! I'm so excited to read this! At some point in the future, I may be looking for a brindle cardi puppy! I'm so excited she's in CA!
Also you can try SerahKennels in Placervile, too - she was the owner/breeder of Autumn, who was in Eukanuba (I think it was) as best in breed in late 2007/early 2008 whenever that is. She was VERY very nice too, but at that time I was looking for an adult, and it wasn't until I saw Ffallian's puppies that I changed my mind. :)


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