okay so Emma has a habit of burying things (treat, especially soft ones, and pieces of bread) in couches beds and blankets, but never outside. it is not bad, per se, but i was wondering if it at all common? i mean i know dogs bury stuff, but outside!

one time we went to a dog bakery and i gave her a treat as we walked out and i was going to go to get coffee. well, she walked with it in her mouth a bit, sniffed some dirt, then turned and JUMPED INTO A WOMAN'S LAP and began burying her treat in the poor woman's open purse!!!!!
It was embarrassing, and later, hilarious... but it was not normal. lol

And i have also awoken to her in the middle of the night trying to re-bury something between myself and my mattress... little claws and cold nose at 2am is not pleasant!

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When Lance was a puppy he would go and hide his toy bones behind furniture!
Bubba doesn't bury things outside either but occasionally he'll hide items inside-not often but items are well chosen. The other morning I discovered a left over C.E.T. dental chew in his crate. I had given him one that afternoon and I played arouond on the computer for awhile and didn't see him with it anymore and figured he'd swallowed it all. Nope-he took part of it to his crate that night and I found it the next day. That's the second or third time he's hidden those chews. Another time I found one behind a pillow on the couch-like some other dog was going to steal it when he's the only one there.
That reminds me of our old Corgi Basil, we had a barbeque and had given him bits of meat that we had left over, Hub and I went to bed that night and I swore I could smell onions, thought no more of it until I made the bed in the morning, pulled the pillows off and there under neath mine was a hamburger, that he had saved for later!!! From that point on if he was fed table scraps it was a small piece at a time and we always watched him to make sure he had eaten it.
LaVerne hides her treats all over the house. Usually inbetween the couch cushions. Never in someone's lap tho.....lol. THAT is hilarious!!! Whenever I give her a large treat like a milkbone type she will pace around the house with it in her mouth while making a high pitched whistling whine until she finds just the right spot to stash it. Then she "digs" and "digs" and crams it into a hiding spot with her nose. I've even seen her drag a blanket over the top of it. Then she will prance off very proud of herself only to go back in 5 minutes to check on it or hide it someplace else. She cracks me UP!!!
"Then she "digs" and "digs" and crams it into a hiding spot with her nose. I've even seen her drag a blanket over the top of it. Then she will prance off very proud of herself only to go back in 5 minutes to check on it or hide it someplace else."

I love it!! You have to love these guys.:)
good so it is "normal"!!! lol
it is pretty funny when she does it and i find it later. but if i am laying in bed it bothers me that she seems to think underneath me is the best hiding spot! and then if i move or move whatever the treat is (big and small, soft or hard) she gets very annoyed, comes to collect it then takes it elsewhere to bury it... lol
Mochi totally does this too! and its really weird she only does it at my parents house. I don't know if it's because sometimes we leave her there when we go on vacation and she's like saving treats for later? or because they have carpet! but its really funny when i actually find stuff that she's hidden, Mochi will run over and take it and hide it again.
This makes me laugh. Bentley does it too! Hiding treats, and toys in/under the furniture. He also whines and cries while searching for the primo spot. He will use his teeth to pull a blanket or clothing over for better coverage. He will also try to shove it between a human in the furniture too - but you have to pretend you don't see it, if you touch it or help him he's off to find another spot. What makes me laugh even more is the fact 10 minutes later he's fished the hidden item out and is eating it or playing with it.

Sorry but I find what your dog is doing really hysterical but must get alittle troublesome for you. I have a few who will take them and hide them under the couch or place their head over the treat or toys to keep the others from them. Its quite funny but they aren't digging at me or using strangers as accomplishes either.


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