I've been considering adopting a cardi from this breeder for a while, however I haven't spoken with him yet, only looked at his website.  I know a month or so back someone posted that he adopted from this breeder.  I was hoping anyone who has adopted could give me their impressions on Cajun Cardigan and maybe some stories about their pups that came from here. 


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Hi Erica, just wanted to clarify, you mean "purchase" a pup and not adopting an adult / rescue right?

Yes, I would purchase a dog from him, not rescue, but I guess I prefer to refer to it as adoption since I think of it more like bringing a member into my family as opposed to buying a good. Sorry if I caused any confusion!

No worries, cardi breeders are an extremely tight knit group, the word "adopt" means very different to us folks who do rescues, it is also very rare to see cardi in rescues. The breeder you mentioned currently have 2 CP (companion pup), they are 5 months old, which means there is a surplus on the east coast. 

Thanks for the heads up!  I would actually prefer a rescue, but I've been having an impossible time finding one.  I do, however, think I found a corgi-mix today at the shelter that I'm going to try to adopt.  Like, for real adopt.  ;)  Hopefully it works out...

Just from their website they look pretty good. I would ask about what health testing they do since it's not shown on the website as far as I can see.


Some breeders can get put off if you say you want to "adopt" one of their dogs, just fyi.

Hi Erica S!  My husband and I have two cardigans from Keith at Cajun Cardigans.  He is awesome to work with and we would go back to him the next time we are in the market for a cardigan pup.  My Kirby and Kota are well adjusted dogs who are sweet and friendly.  We have had Kirby since he was 8 weeks old and we got Kota, one of his littermates a couple months later.  They are around 2 and a half years old now.  My husband keeps in touch with Keith via Facebook, I believe.  He was very helpful any time we had any questions. 


Thank y'all for the replies!  We emailed back and forth for a while last night, and he was very friendly and forthcoming with any information I wanted.  He seems to be a genuinely nice guy who loves his corgis.

I also have a cardigan from him. He is an amazing dog and shows a lot of promise in agility. Sandy, is your dog from the Angel x Rocky breeding by any chance?

Hi Suzanne, mine are from Sparkle & Danny. Kirby looks like their mom,mand Kota looks like their dad.

Oh okay. Chekhov is from the Rocky X Angel breeding. He isn't quite 2 1/2 so I was wondering. 

Hey Suzanne-I remember that when we got Kota from him, he either already had another litter, or was expecting a new litter in the near term, which is probably the litter yours came from.


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