Can anyone give me some tips on how to stop my Corgi from eating anymore of my carpet ?

My 7 month old Loki keeps eating my carpet when my back is turned. I have tried the bad tasting stuff my the pet store my vet gave me some as well also some red pepper. He just eats right thru it. When I catch him doing it i do tell him no. I have tried the startle tactic and well it is had to catch him off guard. Do anyone have any ideas? I am at a loss.


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Maybe it's the stuff in the carpet cleaner?  If you're cleaning every two weeks or so  there could be something in it that tastes good!  (Could also be dangerous to furbabies).  I


Rugs are not that unusual - since they have edges that are fun :)  I have to keep an eye on mine with the rugs.

My vet says maybe he is OCD about the rug chewing.

We don't have carpet so Baron chews the linoleum right in front of me.  Bitter apple is an appetizer.  The vet suggested hot pepper...Baron went yummy!  I need to wear him out with exercise for him not to chew.  Baron is now 16 months old and still chewing away. Good luck.



Perhaps you have flavored carpet and you didn't even know!?!! It sounds like it must be delicious. But, in all honesty, I agree with the others-- you need to crate him to control the behavior. Make sure he's getting lots of [appropriate] exercise and plenty of food and water. His behavior really sounds like he's just not getting enough exercise and/or teething. If you are certain neither of these are the case then more power to the crate!
I put Chipotle powder down on the spots where my puppy was spending a lot of time chewing or trying to return to finish chewing and I'd keep an eye on her so if I caught her I could tell her, "NO!" Generally the Chipotle powder has worked wonders, she doesn't try to lick it because it smells awful and you can vacuum it up out of the carpet so the color doesn't stay.


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