Can puppy food worsen growth spurts in Cardigan male puppies?

My almost six-month-old male Cardi seems to have hit a major growth spurt this week, gaining nearly three pounds since last Tuesday (he's over 28 lbs.).  My smaller male's breeder told me (when we got him) that males can have painful growth spurts and that I should switch from puppy to adult dog food between ages five and six months to help prevent this.  Has anyone ever heard of this?  My vet recommends leaving the pups on puppy food until they're a year old. 

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Yes, most good breeders will tell you to stop the puppy food and they are correct. My show dog's breeder told me to put him on adult food as soon as I brought him home (4 months). Puppy food has lots of protein and lots of fat and lots of calories all of which encourage fast growth. The faster the bone growth the more stress is put on the joints (because the joints will grow at the same rate no matter what). The more stress you put on the joints, the more painful problems you are asking for later in life, this includes hip dysplasia as well.

If you keep them on an adult food with a reasonable protein level (maybe 24% or below while still maintaining a quality food) and keep them from carrying any extra weight/fat you will support a slow and steady growth and decrease the possibility of joint issues later.
Similarly, most "large breed" puppy foods have a protein content somewhere right around the adult content level, to discourage fast growth. Our breeder recommends a large-breed puppy food. The formula is similar to adult food, but they make sure DHA is an ingredient. Proven to be helpful in brain development, it's naturally occurring in fish. It's one of the Omega 3 fatty acids. I found out recently that Omega 3 is common (as I knew) in fish, and also abundant in wild game, but not--so-plentiful in farm-raised meat sources. So even if you are feeding organic, unless it's also free-range your puppy's diet may be short on DHA if you use an adult food without the Omega-3's added.

Just my two cents. :-)
Thank you for all the quick and helpful responses. Not only are we first-time Cardi owners, but we're first-time male puppy owners and we just don't know about this stuff. (Our cats are much easier eaters.) I will trust everyone's advice (including Jon Farleigh's breeder who is exceptionally well-informed about Cardis) and begin transitioning my guys over to either large breed puppy or adult food (after weighing out the protein, calories and nutrient content).
The last thing I want to do is cause the boys pain or long-term health issues. Thanks again! I love this website.
And just for future reference, you want slow growth in any puppy, not just males, so females too would also need to be on an adult food. Just in case you add one later... :)
Stop puppy food...feed adult food. To fast of growth causes issues. A lean pup is better for growth plates then a chunky monkey. Never feed small breed kibble to Corgis either..always medium to large. Vit. C is great for cartilage oil for healthy skin, joints, brain. All my dogs get probiotics, fish oil, Vit.C, and even Apple Cider Vinegar with mothers.


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