I read an article that recommended influenza vaccinations for dogs. The article said canine influenza is extremely contagious and if you take your dog to the dog park or to be groomed, you should consider flu shots. This is the first time I have every heard anything about canine influenza. Has anyone taken their dog in for a flu shot? Any thoughts?

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Do they mean parainfluenza? If they do, it is an upper resperitory disease (a cause of kennel cough) and is usually included in the 4-way or 5-way for Parvo: Parvo, distemper, parainfluenza, hepatitis and Adenovirus.
I don't think so....The article specifically said "canine influenza." It was in regards to a canine flu vaccine that was just developed. The announcement for the availability of the canine flu vaccine was dated July 12th, 2009.
Yup, here's an article
Goodness! So many things to worry about!
Kennel Cough can turn into canine influenza if left untreated and it gets worse.
I personally am more concerned about the dangers of overvaccinating so my boys will not be getting this shot.
Does anyone have any other information on this? I read the article sam linked to and picked up a pamphlet from Caden's Vet,.. but since it is such a new vaccine, are there any side effects, etc?
I'd definitely will think about getting it, if we plan to take him to doggie day care or board him... but not sure if it's needed otherwise.

That's my concern as well. I just saw the pamphlet at the Vet's office. But as you said, with it being a new vaccine, I'm concerned about the side effects or whatever that could occur.
We decided not to get the shot as well. Due to not wanting to over-vac the kids and the pamphlet way in the back finally mentioned that the death rate was extremely low. Which Im assuming would probably be in dogs already having issues/young/old. Kind of like in humans getting the flu. If they were much older I would probably do it but they're young and pretty healthy.

err or if we were going to board them or do a doggy daycare :)
I would be wary of getting it for my dog as well because it is so new. Look at all the new medications and such for people. They are in circulation a year and then you start seeing the side effects popping up and the law suit adds on TV for people having suffered due to said drug. I don't want to be a guinea pig so why would I make my dog one. I'm not getting the H1N1 shot for this same reason.

That being said, what are the symptoms of this canine flu? I’m sure in healthy dogs, catching it in time would make it easy to treat.

Can dogs catch the Swine Flu?
I don't think they can catch the swine flu...

that being said off your guinea pig comment - my sister got both flu shots and got a nasty nasty cold that afternoon. We are unsure its related or if the shots just lowered her immune system to catch the cold :/
I had a feeling dogs couldn’t catch it but I wasn't sure.

I got the regular flu shot once and I got sick after getting it. I was told that the flu shot gives you a more mild form of flu in order to give you immunity to the nasty flu. I never got one after that and I never caught the flu. It makes sense for the elderly since if they were to catch the flu it could be deadly, but for young or healthy individuals I don't think it's necessary. I don't know how people are reacting to the H1N1 vaccine.


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