please dont laugh but after several trips to San Diego and seeing baden so uncomfortable, unable to lay down, and panicking the entire way there (8hours) and back i need to help ease his fears. right now hes in a car seat harness and buckled in so he can shift and lay down if he wants but he just cant relax. i know a crate is more ideal but the car i drive is super tiny (sports car) so theres no way a kennel will fit in there along with my luggage. its just not possible. i feel he hates the seat as it slants back and since its low to the ground he feels ever bump i hit or shift the car makes. i feel if he was more elevated and felt more secure he would be able to relax.

problem is i cant seem to find one that will fit a 30 pound corgi :/ if you have a brand that works for you please send me a link

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Could you just get a thick cozy dog bed and cut a slit in it for the harness to attach to the seat belt?

so far after looking at the sizes of the car seats i may just end up doing this lol ill save money and it will be big enough for him

Try the back seat. Mine don't like the front seat. My husband built a "dog deck" for the back seat out of 1/2 inch plywood. It goes across the entire back seat and from the front of the backs of the back seat to the backs of the front seat. He ran a couple of bolts through it in the front and those fit into a set of legs he made to hold the front of it up. He drilled holes in the tops of the legs and the bolts drop into those so the legs stay in place. The legs are held to each other by a long piece of wood and braced so they don't spread apart. He covered the deck with a carpet scrap stapled into the plywood. Since we have 2 dogs, we put in a divider since Rosie is a hog! The seat belt buckles are easily accessed to use with their harnesses. Rocky still has to have a pillow on top of the carpet but Rosie loves the carpet. They love it. They can stretch out and snooze all the way to GA from IA.

If your back seat won't work for this, I'm sure you could rig up a smaller one for the front seat. I think part of the problem for mine is they are looking at the "black hole" that is the floor in front of the seat. If you can figure out a way to disguise that, you might be in luck. 

it sounds like a great idea and i would love to try this but  unfortunately my car is very tiny and wouldnt be able to fit in the back or front seat. i have tried getting him to relax in both the front and back seat but still wont budge on seeing the car as a floating scary mystery 

What about a hammock type


Maybe this could fit?

thank you for the links, its hard to decided if these will fit him but i know for sure he would love the hammock as he hates the floor board. i think because its black and looks like a black hole that will devour him lol such a silly dog


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