I don't even own a Cardigan, but I still thought it was pretty cool that a Cardigan won the herding group (apparently for the first time)...  What a pretty girl!


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She sure is!  I was so surprised...seems they always overlook the corgis, both breeds.

I was happy that they chose the Cardigan for the best of breed in herders.  I thought the Pembroke was even more handsome, but the Cardigan was special, for sure.

You mention the fact that it is unusual for a Corgi to be the winner in the herding group.  What is interesting also is that the Border Collie's description by AKC is "The workaholic of the dog world, the Border Collie is the world's premier sheep herder, prized for its intelligence, extraordinary instinct and working ability."   Yet I can remember only once that a Border Collie was chosen to represent the herding group in the Best in Show competition.  It is strange that both the BC and the Corgi's are often overlooked. 

Further research on the Westminster is that the most recognized dog in the show's history in terms of repeat winners are terriers. 

I also thought it was great that as the judging was going on for the Best in Show that the crowd in the arena kept screaming, "Cardigan, Cardigan" in the hope that the judge would choose Cardigan Corgi from the finalists..

Stephanie.....I am also a huge fan of Irish Wolfhounds, have had 2 and the only thing that keeps me from having another is their short life span.  Only once in all the years that we have watched Westminster has a wolfhound been chosen to represent the hound group in Best in Show and we knew it had no chance for taking top honors.  They are gorgeous creatures but just do not show well in a confirmation ring.  Sad that so many wonderful breeds never get the chance to really show there stuff.

Another thing I've wondered about.  Every Pem I have seen in the ring is a red or fawn, I have never seen a tri being shown.

I agree on not seeing tri Pembroke's in televised shows.  We have a red female, but we also have a handsome tri male. 

On the Wolfhound, I checked them out online and they look like an interesting breed with lots of good comments about their traits.  I am a pet sitter and I have had clients in the past with larger breeds such as the Wolfhound.  All have commented on the short lifespan and how it is hard knowing that they will not be with them as long as some of the smaller breeds.  I know it would be hard for me as I look for cats and dog breeds that will stay with me as long as possible. 

Did you watch the Westminster breed judging?  They usually have links on the Westminster website to view breed judging.  Might be interesting to see the judging for the Wolfhound and other larger hound breeds. I just checked their website and they do have the Irish Wolfhound judging.  There are some beautiful ones, for sure.  This link should take you there. 


They have an ad on that link and it features a very pretty tri Cardigan.  I had to refresh it a few times to get back to it as they have several ads they are using.  The little Cardigan is sleeping on the couch, dreaming about swimming with a buddy.  They are chasing a ball their human threw into the water for them to fetch.  Wakes up and runs to get his dinner.  Cute ad.

Thanks Stephanie!  Wolfhounds are truly gentle giants...they are "protective" of their people simply by their size.  99% of the people would cross the street when I walked mine.  When we got our male wolfhound from the breeder she was concerned..over the phone...because we had a 4 year old.  We told her that our daughter was use to them.  She agreed for us to come see her pups providing we brought our daughter...I'm sure she wanted to asses how she reacted.  We walked into her house and was greeted at the door by 4 full grown dogs.  Our daughter just calmly walked in and "waded" her way thru the mass of dogs that were so much taller than her.  That sealed the deal with the breeder.  Our female lived to age 10, I came home from work one day and she had quietly gone in her sleep.  Our male lived to age 7...just too hard to lose them so quickly.  My cats live between 16-20 years (they are indoor cats) and even that is too short of a time.

And they never have the red brindle wolfhounds in competition like you never see a tri corgi.  Both of mine were red brindles....I think I have a love affair with red dogs and cats.

My cats usually live in that same age range.  Most have made it to 18.  And, yes, it is hard to lose a furry companion, be it a dog or a cat.  They give us such incredible love without judging us on any of our flaws.  I cannot imagine life without sharing it with a dog and/or cat. 

Our red Corgi is a therapy dog.  It is so nice to see seniors in particular react to therapy dogs and they love Corgi's because they are small enough to get up on the bed with them, etc.  I feel bad for the seniors that have to go to a nursing home because that often means their pet has to be given to a new home.  The most recent one I have been working with is a ten-year-old cat whose Mom had to go into a nursing home and she now needs a new home. 

Our tri is too young for therapy training yet, but we will do that when the time is right.  We took the red, Kallie, to an event at our local mall featuring therapy dogs. Lots of attention for her and one of my favorites was a little girl snuggling up to Kallie.

Nope, just could not imagine life without a dog or a cat, for sure ........................

I was very happy to see that. And she's a nice, moderate girl too--- I've seen some very heavy Cardigans out there winning and hope they don't move in that direction, so it was nice to see a balanced, athletic Cardi win not just breed but group.

Re: Border Collie: they fought bitterly against being included in AKC and just recently entered the show ring. The working border collie people are adamantly against it and no dog who titles at a bench show can stay registered with the working border collie group. They breed for function, not for looks.

I did not realize that about the working Border Collie group.   I have a client with four BC's.  One is an absolute beauty with heritage from a Best in Breed at Westminster.  A Borderfame Border Collie.  All four are regularly taken for herding.  She has not entered them in any herding competitions, but they really do a great job and have a lot of fun. 

Stephanie....both my corgis are rehomeings (is that a word?).  Max was returned to his breeder because the new wife didn't want him.  He has such a sweet nature that we contacted the breeder (Crystal Corgis & Heronsway) to see if they had any they were retiring.  We got Katie after her second litter..she was 4.  I just recently found that the connection of uncle and niece is actually that they are cousins, their mothers were sisters.

I have obedience trained all m dogs and tho Max had good manners I just wanted back into training.  He has such a sweet nature and he is not afraid of anything except thunder, I literally have to run over him with the Dyson to get him to move...I just thought he would make a good therapy dog.  We passed our CGC award and our therapy certification first time out.  Unfortunately Max had to stop because he has a severe neck problem and getting up and down on things makes him nervous.  Katie is afraid of her own shadow but she bosses Max around.

My husband and I both grew up with dogs and cats so having both was a natural for us.  My daughter can't wait till she has living conditions that will allow her to have a dog.  She did adopt a cat that had been a stray.  A couple of months in he suddenly dropped dead looking out her front window.  The vet felt that since he was a stray that he had heartworm (she lives in TN).  Cats show no symptoms like dogs, there is no vaccination or treatment at this time for cats.  She was so broken hearted that she has just put off adopting another one for now.

Kallie and Thor come from Fortin's Pembroke Welsh Corgis in Missouri.  They have enriched the lives of all in our family.  Kallie has the CGC and is a registered therapy dog.  Thor is still quite young and is in Rally-O.  Both are incredibly smart and loving. 

It is great you took Max in and the other family lost out on a lot of love and companionship.  Our trainer tells us that most people don't get their dogs into training.  Either lack of time, money or just wanting to keep it simple, I guess.  One less thing to do.  However, the training pays off big time in terms of being able to handle our dogs, etc. 

Your daughter experienced something I did a few years back.  I had a beautiful cat, a rescue from a feral colony, who seemed fine one minute and just dropped and died the next.  She was eight at the time.  I have several clients who have experienced the same thing.  It could have been heartworms, but it also could just be cardiomyopathy which happens more often than I realized.  The cat will live without symptoms of any sort and then just pass away.  It is heartbreaking.  As for adopting, if she could get past the pain of her loss, or at least push it to the back of her mind, there are so many wonderful cats and dogs out there needing homes. 

I never knew that about BCs either!  Interesting.  Guess I don't understand why a breed can't do both.  Many show dogs also do many other things including what they were originally intended for...herding, field trials and tons of other things.  Nothing wrong with being pretty and talented.

Part of it with my daughter adopting another cat at this time is that she is extremely busy..works 3 jobs and is trying to her own PR company off the ground. I would suggest 2 so that they would keep each other company but as any responsible pet owner knows it's not just food you have to pay for...there are vet bills and those aren't cheap so I know 2 cats would be a tad too expensive for her.  I do know when she is in a place where she isn't running all the time and has the financial means she will have a dog and a cat.  She was raised with at least one dog, usually 2 and always 3 cats so she wants them in her life.  Heck, she constantly tells me she wants Max...nope, no way, ain't gonna happen.  He's my boy.


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