Hi all,

So I have a question about our rug.  The first night Maxen was home (he was 10 wks old), he diarrheaed on the rug so we rolled it up and put it in the spare bedroom knowing that there'll be plenty more accidents happening while he was small.

Now he's going to be 6 months old tomorrow and has random pee accidents, but very rare and he hasn't pooped in the house in a long long time.

So my question is, do you think we should roll the carpet back out or should we wait until we know that he's 100% house broken and will not go on it?  I'm just afraid that he might go once and like it because it's a shag rug and will prevent him from feeling the pee on his feet/belly, like he does on hardwood floors (he doesn't like the feeling).

Was it a mistake to roll up the carper alltogether, because now we'll have to train him all over again?

Just looking for some thoughts, but just to give you an idea of where our heads are at, we were thinking to bring out the rug and see how he reacts for a week and if he's not good, put it away until Max is ready to not ever go in the house again.

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You did well to roll up the carpet.  I'm sure you cleaned it properly.  If you have any doubts you may want to have it cleaned professionally.  I would wait to put it down until he is 100% housebroken.  When the weather turns cooler, he'll like it as a warm place to be on, not to pee on.  Just watch him for the first couple of days when you do put it down, as sometimes dogs will mark something simply because it is new in the environment.

Thank you, that makes sense :)


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