Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep cats from pooping in the yard?  My neighbors have 4 yes 4! cats all outside cats and they always seem to pick my yard to poop in. >:(  How do I know because Quincy always finds it and decides to eat it.  It grosses me out!!!! and really makes me MAD!!  I pick up after my dog whether he poops in my yard or when we are on a walk and it really infuriates me that all these people do is let their cats out to poop all over town & jump into open car windows to take a nap.   Recently my water heater went so everything in my basement is in a pod in my driveway on warm weekend days I open the pod just to keep the air flowing.  NOT anymore.... last time I had the pod open one of the neighbors cats went in to the pod.... how do I know this because a week, yes a week later the neighbor knocked on my door at 9pm to tell me he heard his cat crying in the pod.  So I went out to open the pod and sure enough the cat came out and the next day was crapping in the mulch in my front yard!  My basement is still torn up so I can't imagine all the things this cat pooped on, peed on, sprayed and tore up for a week being locked in the pod....  Sorry for my rant but I am a responsible pet owner and I just can't take how ignorant and irresponsible some pet owners are!  Any suggestions would be great!  Thanks.

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Sam I love it!! Thanks for the information!
I love the amount of stealth that cat employs, and he still gets sprayed.

in the UK garden centres sell a product made from lion dung ,

 deters the cats from using your garden

Ahh! It saddens me to say that we're on the other side of the debate! My cats are outdoor cats and I hate to see them everywhere in the neighborhood. Let's just say I'll give you the irresponsible owner's side of the debate. First of all I've already neutered all of my cats, which includes two of them., so thank god they can't spray. Second, I really can't control their actions because when I spot them outside on someone's car or on someone's yard they just dart away as soon as they see me coming at them lol. Most importantly, we CANNOT keep are cats inside!! If we were to keep one of our cats inside he would burst from anxiety. He meows until our ears bleed and when that doesn't work he throws feces all over the house. That's right. He poops and pees on the carpet which leaves us with no choice but to toss him outside before he just does it again. It would break me into pieces if I had to give him away to a shelter just because of his issues outside. I hope this helps to experience the opposing side of this debate :)

I understand that some cats don't like to be inside, and in no way is this reply an 'attack', but rather an observation on the situation- but there are other solutions than solving your problem (cat making mess in your house/acting out) and creating a problem for someone else (cat using their backyard as a toilet/harassing their dog-yep, we have a neighbourhood cat which will sit in our yard and try and attack our Corgi if he goes near it). One such solution is an outdoor cat run. The cat gets its outside space, but can't wander onto other people's yards. Whilst this might not be a convenient solution for everyone I hope that in the future there will be rules governing cats freedom to wander, and that when people adopt a cat they will try and raise a cat for an 'inside' life. A friend has even trained her cat to walk on a leash, a great way to give him excercise.


Once again, I am not trying to be negative, and thanks for giving us the other side of the debate, I just hope a solution can be found so that neighbourhood pets can live in peace with each other and with neighbours.


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