Do corgis get along with other pets such as cats? And also is the hair that big of a deal if you get them groomed every 4 months or so and brushing them once or twice a week? I am getting negative opinions on the breed from others because of both topics. But I was really wanting to get a corgi when I graduate college.

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Yes..Corgis are excellent w/other animals but you need to make sure all behavior is appropriate and work w/your puppy from day one. Lack of training can cause many issues but Corgis are hugely a favorite amongst the horse people because of their great dispositions. As far as the hair...yes they shed alot but w/you grooming twice a week will really cut back on that. Twice a year they will blow their coat which is the worst time but if your willing to go to a groomers and take care of the coat yourself, you should have no problems. I always tell someone who hasn't been around a Corgi or knows that much about them that there are 3 cons to all the pros but those pros out weigh the cons. My cons are they can be vocal (barky), shedding, and because they are herders they like to chase and nip at heels and hands but w/training this can be prevented. The other thing is Corgis love to eat and because they are not being used for what they are intended for you need to monitor their weight for optimum health. They are prone to being heavy so you must not let them talk or fool you into giving them more. Regulate their consumption.
If you don't have a "fluffy" you won't have to worry about trips to the groomer, regular baths and occasional brushing is just fine.

What makes you want a corgi? They are cute, but keep in mind that these dogs were bred to work which means they want a lot of mental and physical stimulation. A daily walk is not going to tire these dogs out either, especially when they are younger. They will get into EVERYTHING. So teach your dog a "leave it" command at an early age.
My corgi is certainly on a the higher energy side, but I remember one day last summer my girlfriends parents took him for a walk around the lake (3 miles or so). I then took him to the dog park for couple hours, and when we got home he still wanted to play with me.

My corgi gets along just fine with me and my sisters cats, in fact, he plays with my cat sometimes, but she doesn't particularly like it when he tackles her. These dogs don't have a very high prey drive, but keep in mind that their herding instinct is going to make them want to chase the cat if they run away. If you don't have a particularly cat savvy dog I probably would recommend a more mellow breed. Cats can start to exhibit health problems when they get stressed, so that is something to keep in mind if you have an older cat.

These are assertive, stubborn, and dogs that need a very firm and very loving hand in their training. So make sure you are up to the task before you get a puppy.
I know that some dogs can be more energetic than others due to temperament, is this still true with corgis, are some not less energetic than others? I thought a daily walk and playing would be enough exercise? And honestly if you think about it doesnt every breed have its cons?? Like are corgis arent like terriers that jump up and down till the pass out because they need attention right lol???
to add i want a playful dog, not a purse dog that lays around all day lol
Don't know about cats but as to the fur, every four months is not nearly enough. However, if you are not showing the dog, there is not a lot of work. Emma gets a shower every couple weeks and Furminated (god I love my Furminator) whenever she starts to shed.

I have treat / clicker trained her and she has learned to tolerate the Furminator quite well as long as I keep the kibble coming. In fact if she sees it in my hand she heads for the door so I can take her out and clean her up.

The other thing is I have to agree with Ross. Corgis are working dogs and if they don't have a job they will create one for themselves and you will probably regret it. If you are going to get one make sure you the time and space to work them out regularly.
Lol...i feel as if everyone is telling me not to get one
I don't think that's what any of us are saying but we aren't candy coatiing the breed to talk you into getting one. We are simply being honest in letting you know the truth to the breed. There is nothing worse then to have this fantasy of what its suppose to be until you get a Corgi and its nothing like what you had imagined. We all love our Corgis and wouldn't trade them for the world but they fit our life styles and we are only looking to protect a Corgi from going into a home that in the long run won't be welcomed.
I completely understand, I have always been an animal person. And I hate when ppl mistreat animals. I think it shows something about the persons character, how they treat animals. I know that I am a college student, but dont let that be misleading. I am waiting till I graduate to get another pet, so I will have time to take care of it like it needs to be.
Did you get your cat in college?
I got mine sophomore year, I was going through animal withdrawel (I grew up with 2 shelties), but knew there was no way I'd have the appropriate amount of time to devout to dog ownership so I opted for a kitty.
Since you are graduating make sure you can get home at lunch-time or you have someone that can let your dog out. It's alot to ask a puppy to hold his/her bowels for 8 hours.
My girlfriend and I got Atlas our last semester in school. She had basically a joke semester and plenty of time to train him, me, not so much. We decided it was better to get a puppy at that time rather than wait until we both had jobs and full work days.
Bentley LOoooooves the cat. The cat tolerates Bentley. Bentley is forever herding the cat around the house. He will also body slam/ tackle her on a regular basis. He thinks the cat is the best playmate ever. I don't ever worry about him hurting her though. He mainly just wants to run after her.

I brush him about twice a week. I thought it was weird when the breeder quizzed me on how I felt about shedding (Bentley is my first corgi) I now understand about the shedding. They do shed alot. That's ok with me 'cause he's super cute! As for energy he's pretty busy, much more so than my terrier was. I don't think that's a bad thing, he's a real fun friend to have around.

Maybe you can find dog show or a corgi club get together in your area where you can meet some corgi's, and talk to
some breeders to get a better idea if a corgi would be a good match for your lifestyle ?

I'm very happy with my Bentley, I think corgi's are the cat's meow :) Good luck !
My Ein LOoooves the kitty too, while the cat is just OK with Ein. Though in the last few weeks, Spooky actually initiates play a few times a week.

I must be super lucky with the shedding, but then again hes a Cardi not a Pemmy so he has the less fluffy coat and honestly I think the cat sheds more than he does. We all have a regular brushing/washing schedule and that's probably going a long way along with living in a more moderate climate that isn't so cold in the winter.

We're still working through finding a good balance with walking and exercise, but he's a mellow dog to match the family most days.
I am owned by 2 corgi's now, we had our original corgi put to sleep a year ago today. They shed a hell of a lot, in fact all year round and the fur everywhere can get tiresome. They are usually high energy dogs, as originally they were used as working dogs, and although the herding instinct can be trained out of them, they still have that instinct. I would not be without my 2 for all the money in the world, but like all breeds they either work for you or they dont, in fact I would not now ever consider any other breed.
Be careful when you buy your puppy, make sure you go to a reputable breeder, and that you can see at least the Mum and the rest of the litter. Be aware that there are some bad breeders out there, maybe you could post on the board here when the time is right and someone could recommend a breeder that they have used before.
Playing and walking is not always enough, puppies especially are very high energy and will sleep a lot but want to play the minute their eyes are open!
Be prepared to put in a lot of work when you get the pup ( not personal to corgi's but all pups).
Good luck in whatever you decide.


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