My Pembroke Welsh Corgi is doing a lot of biting and chewing.

She has torn up the carpet in numerous spots, she has ripped the seam on a couch cushion, she bites at hands and feet.

She has gone through numerous toys and the only ones that have survived more than an hour are the baby kong, the buddy glow ball, and a red rubbery nylabone.

I have tried putting different kinds of bitter spray on the areas she likes to chew at, and it makes her chew them EVEN MORE!!!!

She gets numerous hours of attention and playtime every single day and we go on 3 to 4 walks a day.


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How old is she? I have a rescue that is over 3 and we just have to keep her in her crate when we aren't watching her because she loves to rip the carpet! I think with Sally she isn't real secure yet and so she acts out. Your best bet is to crate her unless you can see her!
She is 1 year and 2 months old. I keep an eye on her as best as I can, but if I am not and she is being too quiet, she is up to something naughty!
I wish I could help. This causes worry. Cricket is 3-4 months and we have to stop her from chewing out carpet fibers. Ugh. Maybe try a deep shampoo and steam? There may be something in the under carpet. Hmm. 
Unfortunately this is a rental property we are living in right now, and she is destroying it. The carpets were shampooed before we moved in here in August, but the first night she marked her scent in here twice! You could still see pet stains from the previous tenants, and the fact that she marked her scent proved the the carpet cleaning company that was used, did not use a pet shampoo to break down the enzymes!
She certainly is cute in her sunglasses. Yes, she is being naughty isn't she! It sounds like she gets plenty of attention from you and 3-4 walks a day is great. But does she have any doggie friends to play with? Being able to run full out, tumble with other dogs can release a lot of energy. Have you taken her to doggie training yet? - they can help you with the nipping at hands a feet issue.? She may be a natural "workin' dog and may need a job. Perhaps taking her in for agility training and see how does? Sounds like she has great "focus" and instead of using that to destroy her toys and your flooring - she could use it for agility. Just some thoughts. I hope you find a solution!
Thank you for the advice! She did go to a puppy kindergarten when she was almost 4 months old, The trainers had her for 2 weeks for the training to potty train her, and worked with a few basic commands, "sit," "down," and "wait," and trained her to walk on the leash, but the leash training she is not rebelling against, the other commands she is still fine with. I was thinking about putting her through another round of training again because she is getting out of control.

I live in a townhouse neighborhood in FL, and majority of the residents in the neighborhood are "snow birds", and the ones that do have dogs, the dogs are not very nice. The bark and try run at her, and it is NOT a playful barking either, as much as the elderly owners tend to think it is. So with that said, she doesn't really get that much interaction with dogs other than the occasional trip to PetSmart or PetCo…
Have you looked into any of Florida groups? There seems to be a lot of there in Florida. There may be a group near you that has meet-ups and you could take your girl to romp and play with other corgis now and then.
Did you actually do the training with her? Or was it more of a program where they take the dog and train them for you?

Personally I would recommend doing an obedience course with her, even if she already knows basic commands it can really help solidify that YOU are in charge. I think it is really important that you do the training together IMO.

As far as the biting, have you tried the usual YELP, ignoring her, putting her on a time out, etc? If she's really being a brat you could start doing NILIF (nothing in life is free) with her.

For the carpet, if there were previous animals I would recommend having it professionally cleaned again with an enzyme cleaner. If you can't keep your eye on her I would keep her either crated, in an x-pen, or baby-gated in a certain area where she can't do much damage.
I would definitely recommend an obedience class. Even is she has already been, it was not with you, so why should she listen to you. According to my instructor, class isn't for the dog, its for you, to show you how to make that dog listen to you. My instructor also had lots of advice about preventing bad behavior like biting and chewing and so forth. Frosty listened to me 100% better after we had class, but only listens to my husband, who didn't take him, about 40% of the time. Obedience classes don't just teach sit, stay, down, etc. They are much more important than that. I think everyone should take their dog to obedience classes. It just makes a huge difference.
My Eddy was very destructive from 4-8 months, during teething, then stopped destroying things.... then again it started up at about 1 yr to 18 months he was back at it again, he even chewed straight through our linoleum to the concrete. After 18 months he stopped again, and now is almost 2 and hasn't destroyed anything. I rent too and feel your pain! I thought he was a psycho freak as I was taking him to the dog park for 2 hours every day, with vigorous off-leash running and doggie wrestling, plus a 1 hour walk before bed, as well as plenty of indoor playing and training all day, and he would still chew up everything in sight. Also, he was very obedient about other things and listened to commands still, he just could not stop chewing up the floorboards, blinds, carpet, etc. Hopefully, like Eddy, it is just an age/phase thing. Instead of sour apple spray I made my own spray with water and red pepper seasoning. Spicy things are painful to dogs. This I sprayed on chair legs, table legs, corners of the wall, and the bottoms of the couch. It helped.


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