So, my little picadilly is wanting to chew on hard stuff mostly plastic. The two times I wasn't there to stop it ended up with a ruined xbox live headset and plastic retainer case. I just bought her a rope with hard chew thingies on them to help curb this problem because her soft toys aren't. I was wondering if there is anything else I can get her or do to help.

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I try to tire out Kenji as much as possible.  If he is still behaving badly I would try to catch him in the act and correct him.  I also use bitter apple on certain items.  You can also use Nylabone.
She might like a nylabone if she likes plastic. Does she have other things to chew on? My guys' favorites are bully sticks, pork skin rolls, pig ears, and antlers.

Gromit is a powerful chewer and has done his share of damage.  We tried Nylabone and Gromit demolished it and got sick on the bits.  We've found that cow hooves and deer antler (buy on-line) have been a great substitute for chair legs and such.  Some dogs need to chew more than others so finding the right chewy is important.  Some people dislike hard chews like hooves as some dogs can break teeth on them, but so far hooves, antler, and rawhide chews have kept Mister Iron Mouth happy.



We bought Maya the Nylabone toys & Kong toys, but she just got bored with them.  Of course she likes the simple things....chewing on Frisbees and water bottles (remove cap, ring, and paper label).  You can also try Antlers, they last a long time and are safe.  They do not splinter or break up into bits.


Bitter apple is a great investment.  If you use a little bit of vaseline and then spray the bitter apple will last a bit longer.


Good luck!

Thanks, the rope toy I bought her has cow hooves on them, so far she has been fine with that. I will look into antlers as another alternative for when she gets bored with this.
So Sidney's not alone, LOL. I always catch him chewing on hard plastic, like CD cases, DVD cases and stuff like that. We're taking things away from him often. He'll be satisfied with a busybone, or a marrow bone from the butcher shop (once the marrow is gone, I refill it with baby food or peanut butter and refreeze it). I also make him kibble socks. I take a worn out holey sock, fill it with dry dog food and tie it off. He carries it around everywhere and eventually gnaws a hole in it and fishes the kibbles out. I've sometimes filled a plastic water bottle with kibble too, I should try that again.

I also had problems with Rocky chewing up everything in sight. My trainer suggested soaking chew ropes with water and then putting them in the freezer. The coldness will help soothe her teething pains.

Ein's favorite thing to chew is a plastic water bottle. If he sees one on the counter way high above him he will just sit next to it and whine until we figure out what it is that he wants!


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