What is the best way to stop my corgi from chewing up the wooden trim and wood panels in my home? Lily has chewed on every corner downstairs and this morning she was shredding off pieces of the wood paneling she even bit a little spot on our wooden steps. I went to petsmart today and bought some bitter apple spray. Just wondering if that works any or if anyone has another suggestion. I'm pretty sure she does it because she is bored but its hard to give her exercise with it snowing every few days and the snow on the ground being taller then her. I also bought more bones for her to chew so she could focus on those and not the house. If anyone has any input i would appreciate it. thanks

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We use the spray that the vet gave us after Po was desexed to stop him licking/biting his stitches. It is stronger then bitter apple and works well with constant application- like spraying in between biting, so when the dog goes back a few seconds later they get a shock. We had to resort to this as Potus likes to rip up the lino floor in the area in which he is confined- and we have nowhere else to confine him too when we are out. It also worked well to train him not to chew on furniture around the house.


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