Okay, I am having the hardest time finding (liking) a collar that fits Tootsie correctly.  Every collar we try on will slip over her head unless I put it so tight that I feel uncomfortable with the fit.  A choke collar works fine as she cannot "escape" from this while we are on our walks (she loves to chase the squirrels so I have a retractable leash to allow for this...).  Any suggestions?

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Mine can slip a collar that is quite tight! They both have fairly heavy ruffs and I think that is part of the issue. The collar is tight when it goes on because of hair underneath it, but as we walk and they move around, the hair moves around and next thing you know, the dog can get loose.

Both of mine have fairly big necks relative to their heads.
When we got our Houdi, he kept doing the same thing. We have found that a harness works the best for our little guy. This prevents ALL choking, and we don't have to worry about him slipping out of it to chase the bunnies.
Brody actually got out of a harness at 8 weeks old! not quite sure how he managed that.
Your Tootsie is probably more comfortable with those tight fits than you are! If you're really uncomfortable with the two finger rule (if you can fit two fingers underneath, the collar tightness is fine) then try a harness. I don't recommend a choke collar except for the most intractable of dogs, and this level of squirrel chasing sounds perfectly normal. :)
THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have seen dog owners use cat collars when there is a size issue. Maybe that will help. Good luck from Kaira & Cooper.
I had the same issue with my very first Corgi, I used a regular collar for his tags and a nylon cord choke for the leash, now I use what I think is called a martingale collar because you can adjust it to only tighten so far (tight enough to stay on when they pull but not so tight that they choke). If she pulls that hard you may want to consider using some sort of "No-Pull" harness.
By the way she is sooo cute.
I had to use a Martingale with one of our other corgis too in the past, but my corgis don't wear collars at home inside - they prefer to be naked. ;) Tucker has been slipping his collar lately so I'm going to guess it's time to go buy him one. He did it today in a parking lot and I almost had a heart attack! Luckily he listened when I told him to stay.
I use a nylon martingale for both of my pups, the corgi and the shepherd/husky. They wear them during the day and on walks, but they both like being naked at night.
I got mine from premier, they are perfect!
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