Hey everyone, has anyone run into this problem...just recently I've noticed my Pembroke Colonel keeps licking his one foot. I thought something was wrong with it, but there is no rash, nothing stuck or lodged in his paw, no cuts..I even thought maybe his feet are just dirty so I washed his feet but still he keeps licking it. We just recently moved to NYC and I'm wondering if it's because he's stressed or bored being in a smaller apartment now. My fiance thinks that it might be his food.


We thought recently that he had food allergies so after a trip to the vet and several tries later we have him on this no chicken, no grain, no filler, all natural food, it's a Wellness brand. 


The licking isn't out of control yet, but I'm afraid of it becoming obsessive.


any one have any insight?


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Could be a hot spot: http://pets.webmd.com/dogs/guide/hot-spots-on-dogs-acute-moist-derm...


I was looking to adopt a shelter dog that had one of these. Her paw fur was discolored to a reddish hue from the constant licking.

Thanks Fred, 


I don't see any sort of infection or discoloration, that's the weird thing, it would be easy to figure out what to do if something was visibly wrong, but that's the thing, there's nothing wrong with his paw from what I can tell, he just keeps licking it for some reason...

It could be allergies. I would try wiping his feet off with a baby wipe when he comes back inside and see if that makes any difference.


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