We have had some very hot days lately around here (even got up to mid 90s which for this time of year is crazy) and I have started to get things ready for Callie so she can cool off.

I usually have a few water bottles in the freezer to pull out for her to lay next to (which she likes to do) and I put some yogurt in containers to freeze (my cheap version of doggie ice cream.) After doing this I wondered what other people did to try and keep their corgi cool when it gets hot out so I figured I'd start a discussion.

What are some of the treats/things you do to help with the heat?

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Cody has a pool, thats about the only treat he gets.and ice cubes, he loves to play with ice cubes on the floor. I like the yogurt idea, do you use plain yougurt?
My step mom was just cracking up because Copper LOVES and I mean LOVES ice cubes... I work for my grandma and she has an ice cube dispenser in her fridge. She decided to give him an ice cube one day as he was looking at her like "what are those?" Ever since then, if he hears the dispenser or someone opens the freezer, he wants one. He chews it up like a person and he loves them. I will put a couple in a bowl, he will take one and eat it and go get another one. It's even funnier when I put some in his water and he curls his lips back and tries to fish one out. lol The yogurt idea is clever. I will have to try that. I have bought him the little doggie ice cream cups and he loves those too!
ice chips - thin ones so that it won't damage their teeth, i made a mistake of giving my dogs ice cubes and they have chipped their teeth.

Frozen banana - the texture is just right, packed with magnesium.
I take a small banana and mash it up mix it with low fat vanilla yogurt and a tablespoon of water and freeze in my ice cube trays. I pop one out and give it to my hot furry babies and they think they are in heaven!!!!!
Mix some peanut butter in, it's even better!!

I freeze water in a bowl and just put the bowl of frozen ice out for them when it gets hot. They lick it and have nice cool water as it melts.
I made the ice cubes with "nanners" and peanut butter in it today and my dogs went crazy for it! Cody loves "nanners" though you just ask him if he wants nanners and he wags his nub and converses with me about the finner points of nanners.
Ice cubes :) They work as a treat and a play thing and they're cheap! Most dogs looooove ice cubes, Orion keeps it between his paws and licks it like a popsicle
As a little something special, I'll buy the fruity Popsicles on a stick, pull the stick out and lay the Popsicles out on the deck. They gobble them up!
I use low fat plain yogurt (I get the big ol' tub of it because I eat it too!) Sometimes I do mix in some peanut butter (boy does she LOVE peanut butter!) I also will freeze her kong with some peanut butter. I will have to try the banana, I'm sure she will love it.

One of my summer treats for myself is frozen fruit (usually berries) in yogurt. Very nummy.
I've done mixed banana/peanut butter/liver treats (gross, I know, but she likes it) and then put it in a kong and frozen it. Right now, I purchased some plain, unsweetened applesauce from the store and have been putting that in her kong (along with homemade liver treats or hotdog pieces) and freezing it.

For us, it's not necessarily the cool treat, it's just that freezing it makes the treat last longer for Casey, who would otherwise gobble it up in 10 seconds flat. Putting it in the kong ensures she has to lick it out, instead of trying to chew which, as Sam pointed out, could hurt their teeth.

I prefer the applesauce to bananas because I don't have to bother mashing or mixing anything, I just open the jar and take what I need out with a spoon to fill her Kong. It's quicker and cleaner.

These people discuss different fillings for kongs that they make and freeze, I'm thinking about trying a few
We have a kiddie pool for the dogs but they also get into our inground pool. We live in a house with floor vents so our dogs lay on the vents to cool off.


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