I was surfing the web and I saw this ad for asthma prevention for noattacks.org

It is a good ad with a valid point.  Even though I kind do not like it when they single out Corgi here to make a point.  There are plenty of large furry dogs out there.

I know there plenty of therapy Corgis here, so how does that work out?

I do have a baby at home, does anyone have any experience of asthma, corgi and babies?  Please share, it could be very useful for me and everyone here.  Thanks.

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David, I have raised 3 babies with asthma. The first had extreme allergies (required adrenaline to recover from skin test), the others had more normal levels of allergies and asthma. I had #1 son tested at six months, even though conventional wisdom is that it takes longer than that to become sensitized to an allergen. That's why seasonal allergies wouldn't show up until the second year. My son had very strong reactions to many things, worst of all to my cats. Since the child was so ill, there was no choice there, the cats went to live with my sister. I loved them so much, but I loved my child more. It broke my heart, and I still miss them.

Had all my boys been less allergic, maybe we would have managed a way to live with our pets. But my first son was just too sick.

Other people here have written of ways to cope with fur and dander. Do you have any reason to worry that your baby is at risk? If not, I believe that being exposed to animals at a young age helps children develop immunities. It is thought that the Industrial Age, moving away from farms, took children away from the earth and animals, and made them less resistant to germs. That may have been the reason for the polio outbreaks, since polio had always been in the soil, but we didn't get sick by the thousands until the twentieth century.

So far, I do not have a reason to worry about anything, but there are a lot more people with asthma here in Taiwan then U.S.  I couldn't help but be a little concerned.

When I took my Karat to hospitals I always washed her with a non smelling dog shampoo and blew her coat out with a grooming dryer to get any loose hair out that the comb/brush didn't get.  Dog Driers are not all that expensive today.   When she was  the worst, I didn't go or I took my Bedlington Terrier.  Often they went together.  The Bedlingtons are very good in asthma homes.  I have mild asthma and I keep a sheet over my blanket and wash and tumble it frequently.  Grace sleeps with us and we wouldn't have it any other way. My friend and I went  to our local hospital childrens wing and at times into ICU.  It realy was a privilage to go.  The elderly sure love the time to pet a dog and hold them. Karat passed away several years ago so don't know the Therapy rules today but imagine they are similar.

I also have asthma and have unfortunately found it worse with Our corgis.We have hardwood floors almost everywhere now,but if I don't keep up with the loose fur (example,under Our bed where Merlin loves to sleep),I wake up with that lovely wheeze.Keeping up with the fur,especially with the Dyson dog hair tool,I'm fine with My meds.Couldn't trade the furbabies for anything!!


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