I've been trying to figure out what my girl might be mixed with.  Or, maybe she's not mixed with anything?  Our vet thought she might be a Borgi, but I'm not sure I agree.  Her legs are certainly longer than the average Corgi but other than that I can't say she looks anything other than Corgi, but I'm no expert. Anyone care to take a guess?

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for sure not borgi. She has totally wrong hair coat for that. I'd be more inclined to say something like pit/corgi if any mix at all because of the shorter coat and pit seems to be mixed with everything lol. Maybe just  a backyard bred corgi so she came out bigger than a normal corgi?

The shape of her face isn't quite all corgi, by the looks of it.  I can definitely see where Basenji might be mixed in there.  The face and profile is very much like a Basenji rather than a corgi.  I can tell you that she's 100% adorable, though!

(Photo borrowed from this site)

Someone else had mentioned Basenji and I can definitely see the resemblence there!

Cute! Resembles a Basenji.

Yep, I agree the dog looks Basenji.


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