So I was just wondering how many of you guys support your Corgis expressing themselves through fashion. My hubby gives me such a hard time when I dress Ein up. And I'm not even doing anything extravagant, just a bandana or a doggie t-shirt. Let me know what you guys think. Feel free to post pics!!!

I happen to think Ein looks handsome when he dresses up :)


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It's hard to disagree, dogs do look adorable dressed up, although I try to resist it. The purpose of clothes shoul be practical and in case with corgis it doesn't work. I can see a daschund or a boxer wearing a coat in winter, but corgis have nice and warm fur, they don't need that.
Dress for decoration? It is not really he is expressing himself, it's you expressing yourself through him. On the other hand, if it doesn't look ridiculous and if it's not uncomfortable for the dog, why not?
Your husband even gives you a hard time over a bandana? Lame. I don't really dress Win up often, only because he doesn't like it that much, and because he and his buddy Samson (a Great Pyrenees) like to wrestle around and I don't want Win to get caught 'cause of the shirt or something. On Ohio State football days, however, Winston sports an OSU jersey! :)
We are ohio state fans too! Both Carter and Chloe (our two corgis) have matching jerseys
Eh, I have to disagree. I don't believe in clothes on dogs at all except, like maria said, for practical purposes, and really I don't see the point in that either. I think dogs look ridiculous dressed up, but that's just me. And as said before, it's not really the dog expressing itself. I think shirts or really any kind of clothing is uncomfortable for dogs, so not only do I not see the need for it, I don't want to make my dog uncomfortable. But to each his own. :)
I dress up Harry...I think it's cute's never anything too strange...
we found him a great tee the other day... It was a "Wingman" tee with like the top gun movie lettering...Super cute
Bailey's definitely comfortable in any attire. I wouldn't let him suffer in a shirt he didn’t want to wear. He's used to wearing raincoats when we go walking in the rain, and he's used to wear boots before he enters my aunt's house (hardwood floors). If exposed early, clothing is not uncomfortable for dogs.

At this time, we're leaning more towards practicality. We'll definitely buy a nice raincoat or boots- but we're doing less of stuff like "I really don't like the vacuum" or "Born to Fetch" t-shirts.

I personally think its cute, practical (up to a certain point), and sometimes even necessary (boots in the snow for example). It will prevent extra unnecessary baths when your corgi decides to wallow in mud puddles. We all know corgi bellies track up dirt/mud/stuff SO easily.

Check our our photos for some cute pictures. I've always agreed that Bailey could become a corgi-in-clothes ambassador... =)
Where did you get a corgi-belly covering raincoat?! I need one for Gemma but all I've seen only cover the top, totally useless for the grit that works up from below.
we found a random belly-covering jacket @ Ross.
I don't dress Lola up in clothes cuz she hates it! My husband isn't a big fan of it either... but I do have her wear a punk-rock bandana I made for her & I just made her another one that says 'I'm the Big Sister' that she's gonna wear @ my babyshower :) That's about as far as clothes goes for Lola... but if other people wanna dress up their dogs, then go for it!!
Bertie Wooster did have a nifty black t-shirt that said "Got Cookies" in white on it -- but he DID have cookies, and so now it doesn't fit any more. He seems to think he looks best au natural, but on July 4th, I do like to stick a tiny red white and blue Uncle Sam top hat on him, and he looks pretty jaunty. For Ethel, I am keeping my eye out for the perfect devil suit, with tail and horns -- I think that would express her personality to a T (although I think she would actually prefer a tiara and a tutu, or maybe a diamond collar). But for now, she just flaunts her nifty red furry self.
My husband and I have never been big on dressing up animals. I like to see an animal wearing a funny costume or a really adorable outfit but not all the time. We have a green sweatshirt for Finn that we purchased because we saw it on another Cardi and it was so cute, but even that we have only put on him twice to take come pictures and have some laughs then took it right off. I'm fine with dressing animals for a purpose such as to keep them warm or dry but as someone else mentioned, Corgis have a very warm coat and probably would not be comfortable in clothing. I know Finn gets hot without anything on so he'd probably have a heat stroke if I let him run around in clothes. :)

Both Violet and Magnus have clothes. I just bought Violet an Easter dress (on sale at Petsmart, I couldn't resist). We have pictures on our page with them in their (matching) raincoats. Those came from Old Navy. My husband initially resisted putting the raincoats on them, but when we realized they would actually go outside (for their walk) if they had the raincoat on (otherwise, they want nothing to do with rain) he changed his mind and is putting good about putting their coats on them. Like everyone said, they are good at keeping the mud, dirt, etc to a minimum.

They both have t-shirts and Violet has couple of dresses. Magnus also has the "Got Biscuits?" shirt. I thought about coats or sweaters, but we are in Florida and their fur is already thick enough so that is out (although they do have some adorable sweaters for sale down here). One thing I'm seriously considering is boots - both rain boots and cold weather boots. They hate the rain (but love to play in their swim-swim - a child's plastic wading pool - with supervision, of course) and their feet always look cold during the winter when they go for their walk. Plus we also have wood floors downstairs and on rainy days there are little paw prints everywhere......


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