My pup is 6 months old now and he has long shiny coat compared to other corgis I met, but it is coarse. Hard. Sometimes it gets softer but sometimes its rough to touch. Is it the food? I groom him with fine tooth comb followed by furminator and bristle brush at least twice a week. He ate orijen original with a supplement of green mussel and fish oil (supposedly good for coats). Bath him once a month, what gives? Any advice will be very appreciated (especially when he sticks his coarse rump to my face)

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Have you asked your vet?  

yes but doctor say its normal :/

I would not worry if the Vet says his coat is normal, but I think washing him once a month is excessive and probably is stripping his coat of the natural oils.

hey there,

you are giving him an excellent food and good supplements but i would recommend not using the furminator. My breeder and few other breeders/showers say that brush destroys the coat. When baden was younger i too was worried about why his coat was so course compared to other corgis i have petted. When i talked to them about it and they told me, i stopped using the brush. its took time for his "new" coat to come in but once it did he was much softer.

a stickler brush, greyhound comb, and the zoom groom work with the coat and promote the spread of healthy oils and growth 

ooooh!!! maybe that was why!! I haven;t been using furminator for quite a while and now his fur is super soft. although it might also be something to do with changing his shampoo, adding omega 3 oil etc..not sure. but he is doing very good now!


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