Does anyone know anything about the blue Corgi? I have been looking online to see pics and cannot seem to find any and was wanting to know anything and everything I could about them. Any answers or help would be greatly appreciated.

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There you go :)
Do you mean the blue merle Cardigan? That is the only "blue" corgi there is. Just google "blue Merle cardigan corgi" and you should find plenty.
Patsy, are you referring to the blue merle Cardigan, or the "bluey" color fault for a Pembroke?
Thanks will check it out and see, not sure which it is that is whay I need a picture or two to look at to get an idea.
Thanks for your help.
This group has a lot of owners with blues so you can look at their pictures on their profiles and see how they've grown up. They all seem to get darker as adults, but their eyes are kind've a lighter color still.
Here is a picture of my little girl. She is slightly darker in the pics from her birth color, but she still has the very blue eyes and the blue coat, light tan, almost golden markings and the white. She is such a sweetie. She knows she is special and lets her siblings know that as well. Thank you to everyone for your help and assistance in this surprise to me. Love this site and all our Corgi friends.
but it looks like a normal puppy coat to me? :o
My pictures turned out darker than her blue coat really is. I tried changing all the settings, but to no avail. She is a light dusty blue with ligth tan markings. Wish I could figure out how to set my camera to really show off her beautiful colors. The blue eyes really shine, but when taking a pic with the flash red and when I edit with the red eye out, they turn dark. Maybe someone can give me photo tips for really showing off her colors without going to a professional photographer, as most in my area charge a $100 sitting fee besides prints.
If you can get into some natural light and a soft backdrop, like a sheet, and the colors will be more glow and less glare/orange.
Thanks, will give it a try, when we have a nice day. Right now snow, snow, and more snow.


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