I am having problems getting Clutch to eat. It all started about two months ago when we switched him form Blue Buffalo (that he has eaten since August of last year) to Wellness. Usually Clutch would wait for us to give him the ok before he started to eat (he would be excited and then run to his dish and chow down) but once we switched foods he wouldn't even come in the kitchen when we got his food out. We switched back to his old food and he started to eat normally again for about a week but then went back to not caring and skipping meals.

This weekend we went to visit my parents who have two dogs. We visited for three days and Clutch only ate two meals (of his own food) the entire time we were down there. He did sneak some food that was for the other dogs so that makes me think that it isn't a tummy problem and that it could be a stubborn corgi problem.

Today I filled his dish at 6:30 and now, 7 hours later, he still has not touched it. He is taking treats for doing tricks or being good outside. The treats that I am using are actually his food. He doesn't usually get people food and I have not been toping his dinner with green beans for about three months so I don't know what he is holding out for. I did add two crumbs of hamburger to his dish yesterday just because I hate seeing him not eat and still he poked around and took forever to eat it.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can make his food interesting again without having to give him tasty toppings to eat it I would love to hear them. 

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If you can borrow another dog, show your dog the food, let the other dog eat it, then offer the food again. Nothing whet Didi's appetite like me bringing another puppy into the house. Now she bolts it in about 30 seconds.

My Corgis at times will leave their 'real' food alone for days and wait for their treats. When I notice them doing this I cut all treats out of their diets until they are eating normally again. I have 3 and just like any child they will eat dessert over real food any day, lol.


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