I'm thinking of having wood floors put down in my home. And I'm wondering what all you fellow Corgi parents who already have wood floors use to keep them clean. I don't think the ruumba is the answer since Griffyn is a "vacuum slayer"!! And the swiffer is only mildly successful on our kitchen floor. So we were thinking about one of those electric brooms to use for spot cleaning in between the usual house cleaning. Anyway.... any suggestions?

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the vaccuum and broom will be your new best friend but i am so glad i have boards and not carpet especially when george comes and wet and mudddy go for hardwood!
hmmmm ...... sounds like the common thread here is that the fur migrates to the edges and corners .... I guess that could be a plus!!

Sam .... ( if you're watching this discussion) you have a great review on the Roomba, but it was dated November 2007. Do you still feel as positive about it's performance. After watching your review we've done some research and we're finding lots of reviews from one end of the scale to the other.

What about all you other Roomba users out there. Can we here your pros and cons??? Please!!
It works fine on the floors, we actually have pergo (floating laminate type of floor). I didn't specify that earlier. I like the roomba b/c you just turn it on when we get home from work (I don't turn it on when I leave because I don't want to patronize Penelope while she is in her kennel and it whizzes around her) and do whatever else you need to do. Penny doesn't really go into the office or bedrooms too often. She goes into our room and you can tell where she generally hangs out if you get on the carpet with her. I think the roomba picks up pretty well on carpet also. I mean, I had a regular dirt devil vac that didn't do any better than the roomba for sure. At least the roomba fits under the bed and whatnot, where Penelope has been known to go from time to time. The cons is that my dog is continuing to get used to it. She was really scared at first, now barks constantly at it. I remedy that by using the virtual walls it comes with so she and the vac are in separate parts of the house. You'll also have to empty the hair out often as a con. It holds enough, but not that much!
We use an old fashioned broom and dust pan to keep up after 3 corgis. We have corgi tumbleweeds!!!!!!!!!! Thinking about getting a Hoover floor mate for cleaning. We just put down bamboo floor in new room addition and with the rain etc have lovely paw prints all over. The swiffer has to be used several times a day when its yucky outside. Rugs also help in high traffic areas. The rest of the house is tile floor. NO CARPET!! But I love my babies so we do what we have to do.
We have hardwood and cheap area rugs. I agree with everyone else - most of the fur collects around the edges, so it's not so bad to suck up with either a shop vac, or I have a filter queen with attachments. And if you have ceiling fans, just turn them on high for a few minutes, and they'll push everything out to the edges, saving your self some work! :)

As far as laminate not showing nail marks - that's probably true since it is a more dense material. However, you don't want to drop something heavy on it as it will dent or crack, whereas wood won't. And in high traffic areas, it can come loose and make noise when you walk on it. Also, if your wood floors ever get too scratched up, you can always sand them and refinish. Can't do that with laminate. Choose a harder wood, too. For example, brazillian cherry is extremely hard, while white pine or mahogany are softer and scratch more easily. It takes more labor for the cherry, though. We have quite a bit of oak, and I really can't see where its all that scratched. And hey - people pay a lot of money to have floor installers beat up their floors before they're finished - you know, the distressed look. ha ha.

Good luck!
we have a vaccuum in our house that is the big bag part and then a hose for attachments... and whaht i found was pretty easy was to just attach the long pole part then the attachment at the bottom thats long and narrow but has bristles on the bottom of it.. hard to describe but it was pretty much like a broom thats a vaccuum so i think that the electric broom would be the best idea. its so much easier than trying to sweep haha.
We have the Haan cleaner. Saw it on an infomercial. There's an attachment to use on our couch as well. It's a godsend.
This is a steam cleaner isn't it. I've been thinking about that as well.
we have hardwood and use the SWIFFER!!!!!!!, that and a small hand/stick vac will pick up most, if not all, the hair off wood!


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