Our little corgi is really active, and sometimes we come home to chewed up pillows, sandals, or whatever she can get her paws on. Regardless, we still love her :) This is our first Xmas with Bailey, and we really wanted to get a real tree. How do your corgis behave around the tree? Any chewing?

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Mine never bothered the tree. You have to watch with the water in the base, though. Jack likes to try to drink it, even though it's only a narrow little opening. We don't use any preservatives in the water, but my understanding is the sap itself can make them sick. Not to mention anything that may have been used on the tree itself (fertilizers, etc).

When I was younger and still lived with my parents, we had a lab who liked to try to eat the glass ornaments. To be save, we always cut off the lower few branches of the tree and don't put any chewable ornaments on the bottom.

If she's only around a year old or under, honestly I'd keep her confined away from the tree unless you are there to watch her. When they are young they are still little hoovers, and you never know what she might find enticing!

Oh, and Jack was eight months old for his first Christmas tree, and pretty much housebroken... til he lifted his leg and peed on the tree. LOL I said, in shock, "What are you doing?" and he looked at me like "Duh, peeing on a tree like I always do. Oh, and thanks for the indoor toilet. It's about time!" Of course that's not so likely to be a problem with a female. :-)
It depends on your corgi, Vienna never took any interest in our tree, Mocha on the other hand will play with the branches. Such action is often out of boredom, walk your corgi 45 mins -1 hr should fix that problem. Depending on how old your corgi is, younger ones may still be in their chewing stage, you may want to keep an eye on christmas lights wires, the liquid tree preservatives will make your dog very sick, we had a member who had to emergency vet visit last year. Make sure you hang the glass ornaments up high as well.
We put some of those popcorn tins etc. with things in them so they don't move as easily (non food stuff) around the bottom of our tree as a barrier to keep the dogs away from the bottom to prevent spraying and/or chewing of the tree/ornaments. Good luck.
Caleb loves to lay under our tree (it's a fake blue spruce) and other then looking annoyed at it when he sits up and it rubs his ears he ignores it.
He's going to be very sorry when we start filling the space with presents. As seen in my photos he thinks he's all it needs. :)


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