A very cute, intact male PW corgi showed up as "Found" by the animal control in Brockton MA this weekend. Brockton is a fairly large city I southeast MA I shared the posting on Facebook on the Coastal Corgi page but I am leaving it here as well since there is a chance the owner of a corgi may show up here. Unless he is from someplace far away, I can't imagine why his owners haven't already tried the animal control unless his point of origin is fairly far. There have already been many people asking for an application to adopt him. He had a blue clip collar, but no micro-chip, and apparently lost (or never had?) any tags. He looks like he is in excellent condition and the shelter called him a "sweetie." Sorry I couldn't post his picture. He can be viewed at the Coastal Corgi and Brockton Animal Control FB pages though. I really hope he finds his owner! Thanks!

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Good news! This little guy has found a new family. Not sure about his other family, but the website said he has a great new family. Knew someone would scoop him up.

Great news!!!


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