Not the usual kind either.  I was curious, am I the only one with a corgi who has hair that actually gets stuck in your skin?  I've had them embedded in my foot and I actually had one embedded in my thigh today.  Does Saber just have a super strong top coat or has this happened to anyone else?


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LOL! Isn't that amazing? Maybe we should call them "wire-haired corgis"!

So far no dog-hair splinters here...but Ruby has yet to blow her coat, and her hair IS much shorter and stiffer than Cassie's. Thanks for the clue that this could happen -- certainly would make MY hair stand on end to find a dog hair stuck in a foot!

Sometimes I wonder. ^.^

YES I have gotten corgi hairs in my foot. I try not to go barefoot around the house (or vacuum more). Not sure which of my boys has the "steroid" hair, but my foot finds it 2 or 3 times a year..

Glad to know I'm not alone!

Corgi hair is not a problem; it is a way of life.


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