I have a tri colored Pembroke boy that is desperately seeking his forever home. We acquired him from a couple who decided they did not have the time or patience for him. We would keep him if we could, but we lease a townhome and are only allowed 2 dogs, which we have. Unfortunately since these people didn't take any time for this little boy he is 8 months old and not really potty trained. He needs someone patient who can work with him. He is very good about not jumping up or getting up on furniture. He's great with my 2 year old and her 4 year old cousin. He is also great with cats and our two dogs. I really want this little guy to find some loving people to give him the home he deserves, right now he is outside a majority of the time and all he wants is to be with people. We are located in the Mid-Michigan area. I do have pictures also, if interested. Thanks and look forward to hearing from anyone who can help him out!!!

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Ashley,  Just so you know - my Vet Tech friend informed the older couple about your Corgi today.  They have a 13 year old Corgi mix right now.  They were talking it over and she will get back to me when they let her know.  I will then advise you.  If they are serious, I will friend you so we can exchanged phone numbers, etc.  Thanks so much. 

Alright, are the aware of his not really being too potty trained? I know that can be a deal breaker for a lot of people.  Especially an older couple.  I do have the woman available to foster and train right here in my town.  It looks like one way or another he will be getting his life going finally!
I wish I was closer :( I'm in Memphis, otherwise I'd take him. He's so cute.

Ashley,  Got the word back this evening from my Vet Tech friend that the older couple don't want to adopt the Corgi.  She also checked with some friends in Traverse City, but that didn't work either.  It seems the older lady has arthritis and going in and out potty training the dog would not be easy for her. 


Thank you for your patience.  I know LaRissa has said she will help you out so I hope that works for you and Mr. Corgi!!

Thank you for checking with them all, I actually met up with Larissa tonight, and I think shes going to be amazing for getting Gunner trained so he will be adoptable.  Thank you again for trying for this little guy!
Sounds like he might have a happy ending. Thanks LaRissa!
I made another post if anyone is interested in checking up on Gunner or just seeing more pics!


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