Hi, folks.  I found this on Corgiaddict (adorable site, devoted to corgis, where have I heard that before?), and figured that if anyone can be found to help out this corgi girl, it will be here. 


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Oh...poor baby...wish I lived closer! Please send Sam a message...he might have some ideas or contacts!!!!!!
I hope someone can help her. I started crying when I saw they are planning to put her down romorrow.
oh no, I am crying so hard. I hope someone got her.
Could you possibly send them a message asking them to wait a few days that we are trying hard to get someone who could at least take her temperarily?????
I can only hope to God that this is the case. I am so worried about this little corgi girl. :(
Oh, I'm so glad... I hope this is her forever home. At least now she has a chance.
So glad to see she got help!
Woo hoo and a great big smile for the wee lass.


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