Hi guys. This is my first time here, although I wish I would have joined years ago. It seems like a fun place to be. =) I am writing today because I just found out that my 10 1/2 year old Corgi (Blaze) has a tumor in his eye that is probably cancerous and has to have his eye removed, probably Tues.

I am trying to digest this...Blaze is my baby, my husband and I don't have kids and well you can imagine how spoiled he is. =) He also has some aging and cloudiness going on in his good eye, so I guess we will see how that goes as he gets older. The vet took some xrays and it doesn't seem that he has any other tumors in his body that we can see anyway...so that is good news.

It's just really hard for me to deal with this...I have read some messages online that tell people to "buck up" and deal with it ..it isn't happening to you, it is happening to him...I know that this is true. I have to get control of my emotions so he won't be upset if he sees that I am...I think he will adjust to the loss of the eye fine, it seems most dogs aren't really that affected by it once it heals.

Anyway, I am just venting basically and wondering if any of you have had anything similar. This is happening so soon, it is a lot to take in..

Thanks for any support.


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Hi Suzanne,  Have been thinking about you and Blaze..how is everyone adjusting? :)

Hi Heather. Thanks for checking in on us. Things are going pretty good here.  Blaze gets his stitches out Monday and hopefully he'll be done with the cone then.  Vet said yesterday that the pathology report should be back early next week.  His eye is healing pretty good.  Still a tad swollen, but getting better. 

I am getting used to it. It is sad when I see him from the side that his eye was removed from, can't tell if he is asleep or awake, but overall it has gone really well.  I wanted to thank everyone here for all the support you offered me last week and even now. I really appreciate it. Most of my friends and family don't understand because they don't have pets.

Suzanne...glad to hear he is doing well.  Don't focus on the sad, focus on Blaze is there, he is doing well and he will be just fine.

A lot of people who have never had pets just think it's a cat or a dog.  They don't understand the bond that can be between human and animal.  Even tho I have a daugher my critters are also my babies.   Once they are in this house they stay no matter what problems they may develop thru the years.  They will live out their lives as spoiled and pampered brats....much like my daughter.  LOL   I now have a totally neurotic cat who has finally come out of hiding and now lives on my kitchen table.  She will go eat...I refuse to feed her on the table, she needs to move.  She uses the litter box in the basement.  But if you take her off the table to try to cuddle with her...she goes right back.  This is my girl who has the glaucoma.  I'm just hoping she will get bored with it cause potentially she has another 10-12 years of life.

Hi Linda, Yeah I know a lot of people don't get it, I don't even try to explain to them anymore.  That's funny that your cat picks the table to park herself. I guess she feels safe there.  I hope the glaucoma doesn't get much worse.  Cats live 20-22 years don't they? I don't know much about them but I know they like to rule the roost too.  Sounds like a special one eyed corgi I know. =)

Suzanne.....all mine are indoor cats so they do have a much longer life span than one running the streets even if it isn't a stray.  20-22 years is an excellent life span for a cat.  Seems like mine live to be 19 tho I've lost 2 at 16....one to a stroke and one to kidney failure.  Thankfully both our families and close friends are all animal people so they get it.

That's nice Linda that your friends and family understand. It really helps if they do. Hope you are having a good day. Blaze is enjoying a new toy we got him. =). 

Hi guys, just wanted to update on Blaze. As crazy as this is, it seems his eye ball was lost for a couple of weeks. I have been calling our regular vet that did the eye removal to find out if the results were in on the pathology report. He kept telling me not yet, should be soon.  He was unsure of how long it took  since he had not used this lab before. Well today I called the univ of wisconsin (this is where we had the eyeball sent since the vet eye doctor said they have an occular pathologist there that would be best) anyway, they had no record of the eye ball. AFter a full day on the phone with the vet and all over the pathology depts of the the univ of wis, it seems that our regular vet filled out paperwork for the Uof Wis but the eye was sent to where he usually sends the specimens to here in KC.  I don't know why the local lab did not call my vet and tell them, but the eye ball has sat there for 2 weeks.  so now it is on it's way to Uni of Wis....phew...what a day..crazy crazy..lol

Vet said it should be fine since it is formelyhide (sp?) so I hope so.  On the good side of things, Blaze got his stitches out today. He had them removed from his eye and his paw. His paw had a lump removed for the second time that appears to be caused by excess licking. He had his cone off for a few minutes today and already got the sore bleeding on his foot from licking it,so he is coned up for now until it heals over some.  we did get him a softer cone, it is still plastic but easier to get off an on.

I think I may have figured out why he licks like that. We had been changing his foods for years and thought it was a food allergy, but he got his shots a few weeks ago and I think he is allergic to something in them. It seems every year at this time he gets worse as far as licking. I tought maybe it was fall allergies, but I bet it is his shots...Not sure what to do about that one...

So anyway, looks like it will be at least another week until we find out what he has/had exactly. The vet did say again today that he thought it was all contained in the eye ball and he cut extra tissue out as well. So still praying it was cured by the surgery.  Just wanted to update some of you that were wanting to know...


Suzanne, I can't believe they lost it.  I am sorry.  I know the waiting is hard.  I am glad Blaze is doing better,but too bad he had to get his cone back on.  He just needs a little more time.  He is so lucky to have such a great mom! Thanks for the update. ( I check everyday to see if you have any more news).

Thanks Teresa. I could not believe it either. Crazy.  Vet called again this morning to check on Blaze and said it is sent off to U of Wis.  So we wait some more...I'll let you know when I know something, probably be a week or so.  Hopefully by then Blaze will be back to normal. 

Unbelieveable!  I'm sorry that you have to wait even longer for answers but glad it has finally been resolved and it's off to the right place.

I'm happy to have it on its way too Linda.  Will know more next week.

Hi guys!!  3 weeks to the day of Blaze's surgery we finally got he report back! Good news!!! Blaze had a benign melanocytoma. So I think that means it was not cancer, but at any rate they said the removal of it was curative. I am so relieved.  I was so worried that it could have been some aggressive form of cancer, but looks like Blaze is good to go.

He is doing good since his surgery, he runs into more things than he did, but I think he will get used to it in time. Still have an issue with his paw that he won't stop licking, but that is minor.

Anyway, I just wanted to update everyone. I know a lot of you guys have been with me on this journey, so thanks so  much for that! Blaze says "Thanks" for all the prayers too. Here is a pic of him today.


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