I want to see pictures of all of them!  Especially unusual ones like the Scottie mix in another thread.  Gogogo!  I'll start with one.


It's a husky mix! :0

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This is Shelly ! Shes a corgi mixed with a little bit of everything!
Ok that looks like a fun puppy, so cute.
Oh my god, how cute! She really does look exactly 50/50 of each.
I still say that's one of the nicest-looking dogs I have ever seen.

This is Lowrider.  He was at my county humane society.  (He was under a year and too hyper for my apartment) Luckily he was adopted by another family.

aaww how cute with the floppy ear and all.

This is Coco--half lab, half corgi! 

check out the corgi mix group for more!


My favorite is a dalmatian mix!


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