Corgi not excited over Food....need some advice please.

Our Max is 6 months and he just sniffs his food and ignores it. We have noticed that after a few weeks (days sometimes) he gets "tired" of his food and is not excited. I believe he just may be a picky eater but would like to get some opinions or advice. When we got first him we started him off with Halo Puppy Food but then he got tired of that one. So after a few weeks we slowly changed to Solid Gold Puppy Food. He recently got tired of that one as well. He just goes to the bowl sniffs and walks away. He will eventually eat it if we sit with him and encourage him. So we are starting to switch to Welnness Super5Mix but he is not excited with that one either and we have not even fully switched yet. I am trying to stick to natural dog food that have good ingredients (good rating) and tryiong to stay away from corn/ fillers because I've read that they can be bad for the dog. I know there are 6 star dog foods (INOVA, EVO, etc.) that are better than these 5-star but I think most are hard to find and contain too much protein for a puppy. We occassionally give him treats (training) but nothing that will spoil his appetite. Also, have heard you can mix can food, cottage cheese, yogurt etc. with the food but not sure if he will become even MORE picky if I start doing that.

Do I just have to continue my search for a food that he gets excited about eating? Any advice or opinions on this matter would be great. Thanks!

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Dax does the same thing! I feed him Wellness Just For Puppy, before that I had bought ONE bag of Royal Canin (which I haven't bought again after reading what people here have to say about it) and throughout that one bag he ate within like a minute and a half! Now, I put his food down in the morning, he sniffs, walks away. One day I woke up late and forgot to put food down for him (I'm horrible, I know. But he skips meals on his own anyway), and for about a week after that he scarfed it down as if he'd never eat again, but now he's back to his old ways. I've tried mixing yogurt in it to get him to eat, which he loves, but I'm like you - I don't want him to expect that, so I only do it every once in a while at random kind of like a little treat for him. I wish I knew how to get him to eat, but I guess he knows his body better than I do, maybe he's trying to watch his weight. :)
Are you sure you own a corgi?
Try different brands, if you go to a store that sells almost exclusively pet food, they usually have samples of lots of brands.

Atlas would probably eat gravel if I put it in his food dish.
I wish Duncan was picky! He scarfs down everything. Chloe on the other hand, she is not so much as picky, just a nibbler. But, with Duncan the way he is, I have to make Chloe eat her food, so he doesn't get it. So, I mix about a 2 tablespoons of can with about the same amount of water and mix that with the dry food; to encourage Chloe to eat.

You may be lucky and have a dog that nibbles, no worry about them getting overweight. I would just measure out their food for the day, leave it in the bowl, if they are the only dog in the house. Let them free feed. I did that with my last two dogs, measured out 2 cups a day, and let them eat when they want. Neither one was overweight. They were happy with a couple of bites at a time, all day long. Trust me, they won't starve to death.
When I switched Gibson (he's almost 7 months) from Just for Puppy to Super5Mix, he threw a fit and would not eat it until he was starving or I added something special to it... I thought maybe he liked the Just for Puppy better because it had chicken, lamb & samon and Super5Mix I was buying was the just chicken one. I bought a bag of the lamb & salmon version of Super5Mix and he LOVES it! He'll even sit by the bag to get a few bits of it as treats. Maybe different proteins will thrill your dog more as well??
I currently have the Yellow bag which I think is the Just for Puppy Super5Mix which has Chicken. Is the lamb & salmon version a green bag? What's funny is our friend has a dog who gets fed Beneful and Max runs towards her food to eat it like he hasn't eaten for days. I take the food away because I know Beneful has corn/ fillers etc. but I'm guessing he just doesn't like the healthy stuff. lol
I have a picky eater, too (And yes, I'm quite sure he's a corgi)! Caleb eats wellness, and he's not excited about it. But it's good for him, and when he's hungry he will eat it. To encourage him to eat, I mix his dry food with a spoonful of wet food, I go through about a can a week, so it's very reasonable. I like to focus on the positives of having a less-than-food-obsessed corgi: he has a nice, trim figure and I have the ability to eat my dinner without constant corgi begging! As long as Max is healthy, I wouldn't worry too much about it, even if it's surprisingly un-corgi like, it's not unheard of!
Sidney is also a picky eater when it comes to his own food (Wellness Super 5 chicken). Like Julie, we mix a spoonful of canned food (we are currently using Merrick's) and go through about a can a week. He won't run up and scarf it down, he'll nibble here and there and within a few hours it is gone. He WILL act like he's starving when we are having our dinner though. That dog deserves and Academy Award! Eventually he heaves a resigned sigh and goes back to his dish. He is also nice and trim, but with good energy, so I'm not too worried about his lack of enthusiasm when it comes to mealtime.
Oh, I'm having the same problem too! I have to wait forever for her to eat her food unless I put a dollop of yogurt on it. But I don't want to overdose her on yogurt.
WE tried different stuff also but belle would not eat much at one time. We feed out of a twenty pound feeder that give everybody a chance to eat at will. I have found she drops by all day long and has a few bites and then goes about her day.
Mine used to be pciky when she was a puppy. We were so worried that we hand fed the food for a while. My vet said that dog will eat when s/he is hungry, so not to worry too much. I stuck with same kind of dry food to avoid Dee Dee from thinking that if she doesn't eat, we will switch to new food. She eventually had no problem eating, and now, we can't stop her from eating!! Yup. She's definitely a typical Corgi. Very food (almost any food!) motivated. :)
I also have the additional problem where Freya will hoover everything else in site--dirt, paper, and I caught her trying to eat a penny. She's gaining weight so that at least isn't the issue. I give her food and she just sits there looking at me.
Lol. Sounds just like Dax. Dog food? No way! Dirt? Paper? Dust? Fuzz? Rocks? YES!


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