UPDATE: So I'm seriously toying with the name Houdini. This little bugger is the ultimate escape artist and I'm guessing that is how he ended up as a stray to begin with! I've had to block parts of my patio fence that I wouldn't even begin to imagine a corgi could fit through but he will run outside and squeeze under until he's almost to his shoulders. I have blocked all the possible patio escapes. He has also escaped the house twice now. Once with my mom and once today with me. Luckily he is a chaser and Franklin is a master herding artist so between me running away from him and acting excited and Franklin running out to intercept him, we have caught him both times without incident. Today he was even leashed when he escaped, just jerked the leash at the exact right moment. AND I have an ex-pen for him set up in my room with not one, but TWO locks on it. I put him in there when I left with toys, crate, water, etc and came back to be greeted at the door by 2 corgis! I checked the pen and all locks were in place, I have NO idea how he got out! The crate is placed away from the edges of the pen and up against a wall so he couldn't have climbed on it. Anyway, luckily I came home to a nice clean house and my guess is he had to go potty (since he's had diarrhea so bad) and broke out to go potty. He is SUPER potty trained, which is so awesome and I've already taught him to use the dog door. He is REALLY smart. Einstein was another thought for name since he has his fluffy hair and is a genius. I am guessing he is closer to about 7 months than 10-11 months. Based on his size, teeth, and bladder capacity. He can't hold his urine for a full night without needing to go out, even though he goes potty right before bed. The last 2 nights, right around the 7-8 hour mark he starts frantically whining and tearing up the pee pads that line his pen. I let him out and he jets right out the dog door to pee. I've always heard they can hold their bladder as many hours as they are months old and that's what makes me guess also that he is 7-8 months. He's just so small but his feet are BIG. He looks JUST like Frank's sister did at around 6-7 months and she is now 28 pounds, Franklin's size. How much would you guys feed a dog his size? Right now he is getting just chicken and rice since he still has diarrhea. I've basically been feeding double what I feed Frank and that seems ok, but I just don't remember how much puppies eat!

Well today was the big day when I met the rescue from Bakersfield who was posted on here about a week ago. He is very cute and sweet. The shelter said he was 10 months old but I have a feeling he is much younger. He is quite skinny (like young dog skinny), only about 15 pounds, and his teeth are super white like a very young dog. Franklin hated him for about 5 minutes and then tried to get him to play. The pup is VERY nervous about Frank's barking and growling so he needs to get used to how Frank plays. He is really overwhelmed with everything and came right in the house and pooped in the middle of the floor, clearly he has no concept of potty training. His behavior is EXACTLY like Franklin's sister's, A LOT of nervous energy. He is so overwhelmed with everything he's been through in the last week so he's going to need quite a bit of time to adjust. He was in the pound, then put in a rescue with 5 other dogs, then neutered, and now is home with me. Poor guy just doesn't know what to think! I need to get him a new crate, he has taken over Frank's. I was thinking wire, but he seems to really like the airline type crates. When he gets overwhelmed he goes into the crate and watches the world from there. He met one of my cats and was SOOOOOO good. His personality seems like it is EXACTLY what I am looking for, just needs time and training and exposure to new things. He has the personality and training of a 3 month old pup, but that should make him easier to train and work with I think. I am so happy with his personality and I really do think that with a few weeks with me he won't be a nervous boy, just too much has happened to him in such a short period of time, poor guy. 

Also, I know there have been a lot of discussions on here about weight but I can't find him. As I said before, the shelter said he was 10 months old and he's around 15 pounds. Just wondering if this sounds normal? Trying to estimate his age based on average weight since its hard to tell by teeth at this age. He has all his adults which means he's at least 6 months. 

Also, he needs a name! I can't figure out what to name him yet, he came with the name Bob but that will be changed.

I'll get better pictures once it's day time and he stays still longer. 

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Have a friend who named his dog Cosmo, after Kramer.   Wanted to call him "Newman" so he could shake his fist and say "Newman!" whenever the dog annoyed him, but his wife vetoed that.

thats pretty funny!!


Hahaha, that would have been amazing! Too bad it got vetoed.

Food:  Jack ate 1.5 cups a day as a pup and 1 cup a day now, so I'd say about 50% more than an adult, rather than twice as much.

I put a picture of him in the adopted album but I guess it didn't show up on the main page

Houdini does sound like a fitting name for him. I hope his bad poos clear up soon and that he can enjoy a more comfortable life! Sounds like everything else has fallen into place. :)

I love Houdini. It sounds good to say "Franklin and Houdini" :) sounds like a cute kids show title!!
Lol yeah. It just doesn't roll off the tongue quiet right. Today I am thinking Wiley bc he is such a wily little guy. Hes a tough one to name!

or Riley... Wiley Riley.

He is just to done cute!! I'm sure he'll grow into those ears.. sadly. lol

as for a name it took me 2 weeks to finally name Harrison, my family and I finally all voted :D

I vote for Teddy, a nod to the Franklin and Teddy Roosevelt comment earlier. I got Milo at 7 months, he was 22lbs. I've been feeding him 2/3 cups in the am and pm. He's now at 25.5lbs at 10 months. I supplement the bowls with a handful of green beans. Every 2-3 days I feed about equal parts wet food that I make w/dry for variety. I checked this diet w/his breeder and she says that's good - males should be at 27-30lbs - I would say 27lb is good, because as you know, you wake up one day and they're overweight. She says he'll be fully developed at 2yrs. I hope we see you at a Sacramento meet up one day soon.


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