Corgi's eyes turned out after spay/surgery and wearing a cone overnight?!

Yesterday I got Opa spayed and it went well, she was sleeping all day. When I would take her out she wouldn't be able to go poop and would try to lick herself. After that, I decided to put a cone on her just in case she decided to lick her stitches. After the cone she would scramble to be near me to take it off or she wouldn't move at all (once she teetered towards the backyard to play with the other dogs). I eventually had to put her in a laying down position in the case with her head (cone) propped against a pillow the way she normally has, and I let her there to sleep.

This morning I woke up to take her out and her eyes looked kind of red, puffy, and turned out?! She looked scared, she looked different. I'm not sure if this is cause she hardly got any sleep, was crying all night, or because of the cone or anesthetic. I took the cone off of her and fed her and she seems better, her eyes seem back to normal for the most part. She doesn't seem to be messing with the stitches, just licking herself the way she normally does, her feet, and her thighs. No more cone for her, I feel so awful.

Has anyone else experienced this? Do you know what could have caused this? Are her eyes going to go completely back to normal?

I know have her next to me and I'm going to stay like this for the first few days as much as I can.

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Have you phoned the vet to ask? That would be my first move if something was strange after a surgery. Dogs are very good at hiding illness.

I gave the office a call and they're going to check with the vet. Her eyes have turned back to normal since then. For clarification, what I mean by "turned out" is that the right eyes was pointed to the right and the left eye was turned left, kind of like a pug. Even when I took the cone off, for a little while she had a hard time looking straight. The office said it could possibly be just because the cone freaked her out so much

Sad. I would recommend a balloon-type collar that inflates rather than the traditional cone. The one I used on my puppy after he was neutered was called the ProCollar. Doesn't obstruct their field of vision and is much more comfortable for them.

Thanks so much! If a collar is ever necessary I'm definitely getting one of these

Poor baby.  I hope she is getting better!

I would worry about a stroke....have the vet check her.

She's much better now. The redness in the corner of her eyes has completely gone away. I still put my finger at the tip of her nose because I'm scared of how her eyes got... even though she seems totally fine now... She didn't have any symptoms of a dog stroke so I think it might have just been her extreme physical panic to her situation.

Still waiting on a call back form the vet. For now I'm going to keep a close eye on her and I'm bringing her back to the vet in two weeks to get her stitches removed; hopefully I can ask more about it then. Thanks for the concern and feedback everyone!


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