I have noticed several comments regarding Corgi shedding and there is a solution besides brushing out the excess fur. When Winston joined our canine family of "four legged children with permanent fur coats" as my wife calls them, he left balls of hair all over the house. When we stroked him, fur literally flew. Winston no longer sheds to any significant degree thanks to a dietary supplement called LinatoneShed Relief. Winston gets a tablespoon of this tasty supplement every morning with breakfast and his shedding has all but ceased. We also give it to our Blue Heeler and she has also all but stopped shedding. We got our Shed Relief at PETCO, but it is probably available at any pet store. It is meat flavored, so dogs look at it as an added treat when it is poured over their regular food.

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been looking for linatone for eons!!used to give it to our corgis years ago in oil form.thanxs so much!on my way today to get some.was it in petco by the supplement section?
Don't recall, but I think that's where it was. When I went in, I asked an employee what they had for shedding and she pointed out the Linatone Shed Relief. It took a few days to become fully effective, but it really works, Winston laps it up along with his food and obviously enjoys it. Hope youi have as good luck with it as I did!
Wow...that sounds perfect!
The LInatone Shed Relief REALLY works and our Corgi Winston LOVES it!
Winston's story. As you can see, I'm in law enforcement, but only part time. My department is very small (12 officers) and our little town has no animal control, so strays are brought to the PD. We have a kennel behind HQ for them and if they aren't claimed within 48 hours, they go to the county shelter, a probable death sentence. Winston had no collar nor signs of ever having had one and I didn't know what breed he was when he was turned in, but told the department secretary that if he wasn't claimed, I'd take him. He wasn't and I did. I didn't know what he was until I took him to the vet for a checkup and shots. Our vet informed me that he was almost certaintly a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, probably pure bred. I'm going to send off a DNA sample to confirm his pedigree in the next month or so. Winston is a very loving little dog who usually is in my lap when I'm working in my home office. (I'm now a full time writer, retired from the federal gov't.) Anyhow, the Linatone Shed Relief REALLY works!
Winston looks like a fantastic dog and I am so glad that you found him.

Speaking as someone who is currently covered with Cardigans, though, he's not a Cardi. My best guess would be beagle x Pembroke, with perhaps a good seasoning of other breeds in there too. Thankfully, Cardigans don't have a big problem with a large rescue population or a lot of mixing with other breeds - they're too rare and almost all of them are bred by show breeders. They are a wonderful breed, though, so if Winston is anything like them you have a real treasure.

And yes, I agree, the shed-stop supplements are wonderful. Mrs. Allen's Shed Stop works great too, especially when it's combined with a really good base diet.
Thanks for the great info! Maybe if I can get Frosty to stop shedding, husband will let me get another one!!
I intend to confirm his breed once and for all in the near future by sending in a DNA sample to Bio Pet Vet Lab. They analyze the doggie DNA and send a printout of their findings. All that is necessary is a saliva swab.
It's fine if you want to run a DNA test for your own amusement, but they're notoriously inaccurate. Every once in a while for fun I go look at their results and laugh - they'll have dogs identified as Ibizan Hound mixes or Welsh Terrier mixes or Finnish Spitz mixes when there are only a couple hundred of those breeds total in the entire country and they are most definitely not out there breeding indiscriminately and then having puppies end up in shelters.

I helped the Sussex Spaniel club do a breeder return a couple of years ago; at that time they told me that they literally knew where every single Sussex Spaniel in the US was. There's Sussex-mix population of exactly zero. But the Wisdom Panel people say that http://www.wisdompanel.com/photos/profile/3976.html is a Sussex mix.

I know it's fun to guess at breeds, but the fact is that unless you're talking about a very specific subset of carefully bred dogs, even purebreds aren't all that predictable. Unless you buy a puppy from a show breeder or field-trial breeder or similar, you don't get a lot of insight about how to take care of a dog, exercise a dog, vet a dog, or meet the needs of a dog from knowing its breed(s) that you wouldn't get from spending five minutes with the dog.

That's one of the many reasons as a show breeder I have to be so careful who I choose to breed - if I just bred to anything that called itself a Cardigan, very quickly I'd lose the very specific traits I want and value. And once you start mixing in other dogs, the predictability goes down to almost nothing.

I love mixed-breed dogs; we have two of them and we do as much rescue as we possibly can. My dislike of the DNA test has nothing to do with not loving those dogs. I just think they're very inaccurate and (even if they worked) they wouldn't tell you much about the dog that you don't know already.
I suppose I don't much care what WInston REALLY is, altghough he has the Cardi coloring, abbreviated corgi tail and stubby legs. He is a wonderful little dog and other than his ears, he looks like a Corgi. Our only "papered" dog is Libby, our blue heeler whose pedigree goes all the way back to Australia. Libby came from a family in Rhode Island where the wife developed an allergy to her. Our daughter was working there at the time and arranged the adoption. Libby's RI family paid nearly $400 to fly her to Alabama. She has adopted well and actually sleeps in bed with us. Winston can't quite make it and so decided to sleep in our bedroom closet. Lady, our black lab X is most intelligent and active of our canine children. We love them all and all are "special" in their own doggie way.
It would be nice to go to work without being covered in Baron's fur.
I really don't care if Winston is a pure bred Corgi or not. He's pretty close, given his configuration and he is such a sweet little dog that I don't care what REAL breed he is. He is lying in my lap as I type this, demonstrating his love for me and THAT is what counts! Yeah, I'm presently a cop, former US Army Infantry officer and Vietnam veteran, but I love dogs, especially those that love me in retiurn...like Winston!


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